Illinois Women's Studies Graduate Programs on-Campus & Graduate Schools

On campus Women’s Studies graduate programs can prepare students for a wide range of careers in the public and private sector. Graduate programs in women’s studies are interdisciplinary and focus on how gender roles influence and shape human relations, sexuality, law, the media and education, and public and private policymaking.

Many students pick a grad school campus for the “campus life” and to build a strong network of other students interested in woman’s studies. Connecting with peers and professors on a personal level who also are seeking or teaching women’s studies graduate degrees can be as rewarded as getting a Women's Studies MSW/MA Dual Degree or whichever degree you aspire to earn

Within women’s studies graduate campus programs, there are a number of areas of specialization, including law, education and teaching, and media studies. A degree in gender and women’s studies can also provide a solid academic preparation for working in the nonprofit sector and the field of social work.

You can earn certificates on campus in women’s studies or an on campus Masters in Gender Studies or Women’s Studies. To find the best graduate program in women’s studies option for your educational and career goals, filter your search by selecting type of degree in women’s studies, and the campus location of your dreams. Learn more about the different campus options in women’s studies programs at accredited colleges and universities today.

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