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Web development is a crucial aspect of information technology. It’s what web developers call the back end of a website, the nuts and bolts of programming and how pages interact. A web developer is interested in how a site comes together and how people use the website. This is so important that graduates with a web development degree might find work in any number of industries.

A web development program will involve programming and, in some cases, design. Such programs also involve topics like databases, web forms, e-business and online security.

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If you’re considering a web development degree, you have options. You could earn an Advanced Certificate in Web Development. Or you might pursue an MS in Computer Information Systems – Web and Mobile Development. There’s also an MS in Computer Information Systems - Web Application Development. is a great way to search for a web development program. You can filter your search by type of degree to look at different masters programs, doctorate programs or graduate certificates. With you can filter your search by location so you can find a web development program by city, state or country!

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