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Game design graduate programs online could be a great way to tackle advanced concepts in gaming design whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. After earning a graduate degree, you may have the techniques to turn your artistic ideas into fully-fledged games. Plus, you’ll be able to brush up on the latest technologies, ensuring you’re on top of your game. And thanks to the online format, you could develop your passion for game design from the comfort of your home. When your classes and inspiration are only a click away, there’s no telling what you might create!

Game Design Graduate Programs Online

Earn a Game Development Graduate Degree Online

Whether you’re new to the field, or looking to enhance your current skillset, pursuing your online video game design degree could be a great next step. However, which program is perfect for you depends on a variety of factors, such as your previous education and career goals. For example, an online masters in video game design may be perfect for those looking for a broad overview of the field. Or someone looking to brush up on the latest technology. Online game design graduate certificates, on the other hand, may better suit someone with looking for a short and more focused option. Below is more information to help you decide

Online Masters in Video Game Design

Online masters in video game design programs aim to provide students with a holistic overview of the game development process. Courses may cover topics ranging from fundamental programming languages, to gaming theory, to computer rendering objects. Additionally, students might be able to develop their game design skills and knowledge with the help of cutting edge technology. The gaming industry is constantly growing, so testing new capabilities such as virtual reality, contemporary gaming engines, and many other technologies is part of a normal day. By working with these

programs in your masters program, you could develop advanced skills that places you at the forefront of your industry.

Besides learning to develop games in these innovative technologies, you may also learn how to engage an audience. You could study topics such as AI creation, programming, datamining, game analytics, and gaming psychology. In short, you could possibly ensure that people want to play your game! Combining this with your programming know-how could help you develop a holistic understanding of game design.

And, putting these skills and knowledge into action may mean creating highly interactive games during your tenure in a masters program. Not only is this great practice, but it could also leave you with a valuable portfolio to take out into the professional world. Taking into consideration work with both game theory and design, students could potentially earn a masters degree in 2 years. Completion time may vary by institution.

Online Masters in Video Game Design Admissions

Since you may be dealing heavily with designing your own games as part of this program, admissions aim to assess your current design capabilities as well as your academics. It is not uncommon for schools to request virtual portfolios contain samples of your previous gaming or coding work. Additionally, student may be required to a 3.0 undergraduate GPA in addition to GRE exam scores. Admissions may vary by institution. Check with intended programs for more information about their specific admissions deadlines, portfolio criteria, and any other questions you may have.

Online Game Design Graduate Certificates

If you’re looking to quickly develop fundamental game design knowledge, then an online game design graduate certificate could be a great option! These programs often cover foundational basics that are necessary to design a game. For example, you could encounter topics such as gaming algorithms, data structures, and design theory. Since these programs often build upon an undergraduate degree in computer science, their coursework tends to be succinct and focus primarily on gaming skills and knowledge. Additionally, students may have the opportunity to create a game as their final project. Not only is this a good application of your coursework, but it could also be a welcome addition to a portfolio.

Shorter Timeline

This concise coursework could be a great way to test the gaming waters, so to speak. For instance, you might not want to commit to the longer masters timeline without knowing what you’re getting yourself into. Or, maybe this is a supplement to your current career and you only want to discuss the basics without diving into the more holistic masters approach. Or, maybe you’re someone who just wants to learn how to make a game!

Since the certificate program focuses on the fundamentals of game design, instead of an expansive course list, these programs are often shorter than other graduate programs. Students could potentially earn a graduate certificate in 1 year. Depending on core requirements, graduation timelines may differ from school to school.

Game Design Graduate Certificate Admissions

Since these programs tend to build on previous undergraduate coding experience, students may be asked to submit samples of previous work. This could include things such as websites, applications, or other similar works.  Alongside this, students may be required to submit a 3.0 undergraduate GPA. Admissions criteria may differ between institutions. Be sure to check with your intended program for more information.

The Online Learning Experience: Game Design Graduate Programs Online

Game design graduate programs online were practically made to be taken online! Since game design deals heavily with coding and computer sciences, students could have access to their necessary materials just by turning on their computer. While the curriculum and online education go hand in hand, this may also be a great choice for your schedule. Students could have the chance to log into courses as their time allows. For some, this could mean signing into them after they’ve completed work for the day. If you’re looking to jumpstart a gaming career, this might be a great way to train for your new position while still having the security of the old.

Some students may worry about missing the traditional grad school experience. However, the online format could still allow you to connect with a network of peers. Besides class chatrooms and forums, students may be encouraged to offer critique on classmates’ projects. Not only could this help develop your own work, but this might be a great way to build a community of contacts for your professional life. Who knows? You might even find your first game design business partner!

What Is Required to Become a Video Game Designer?

Usually, game studios require their entry-level designers to hold a bachelor’s degree in game design or a related field.i But, many students might choose to earn a game development graduate degree online to enhance their programming capabilities and develop advanced design techniques. For example, you could study subjects like computer interaction, games engines, and game analytics that are necessary in the game design field. These topics might not be covered in-depth during an undergraduate degree.

Graduate study may also be a great choice for those looking to build fundamental skills and knowledge to transition into the game design field. You could explore the game design process from start to finish and interact with innovative technologies that place you at the forefront of the gaming industry. Earning a game development graduate degree online may not only prepare you to pursue your goals but set you apart from other candidates.

Earn a Perfect Game Design Graduate Degree Online!

Get ready to hit “start” and begin an online game design graduate program. Browse this page for a list of potential online programs. To read more information, click through a program’s associated link. This should provide you with a brief description of the program. While there, click the “request info” button to receive more information from the school itself. This could be a great way to get the conversation going between you and a perspective school. Many great games start with an end goal in mind – let an online game design graduate program be yours!

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