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For the student with a keen interest in biology, drawn to research and possessing an enjoyment of animals, a career-focused program in the field of Veterinary and Animal Sciences are Zoology Graduate Programs. Zoology is the category of biology that deals with the scientific study of the animal kingdom both in the laboratory and in their natural environments. Wildlife Biology focuses in on the relationship between animals and the natural resources that support their survival. Some of the inter-related aspects that one would study in a Zoology & Wildlife Program are Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Mathematics, Statistics, although it may also help to have good writing and communication skills for writing up reports. Once you have your Degree in Zoology & Wildlife, some of the potential opportunities for employment include doing laboratory research, observing wildlife, working in colleges or universities as teachers, working in zoos, or even with governments to assist in areas of conservation and wildlife management and nature. Zoology & Wildlife Grad Degrees  in  Mississippi

Popular Zoology Graduate Programs

ProgramDegree AwardedFormat
Master of Science in AnthrozoologyM.S.Campus
Animal PhysiologyM.S.Campus
Animal SciencesM.S., P.h.D.Campus

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Ready to start your search for an accredited Graduate Program in Zoology & Wildlife? GradSchools.com makes this easy to do. Find out where you can study zoology & wildlife by using the city, state or country tabs and find out which location would work for you. You can also filter by Zoology & Wildlife Program type. Would you prefer to earn your Graduate Degree in Zoology & Wildlife on a college campus? Does the flexibility of an Online program in Zoology & Wildlife suit your needs better? Or, what about combining the best of online study with a low residency college campus experience by enrolling in a Hybrid Program?

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Next, factor in any of your particular interests, whether they are in wildlife conservation or animal behavior. Then refine your results by investigating the different Zoology & Wildlife Degree Levels: Doctorate, Masters, and Graduate Certificate. Some of these results include Master Degree in Wildlife Management or Zoology, Doctorate in Zoology and Wildlife Conservation, or an Animal Science and Production Graduate Certificate. Start your search for the right Zoology & Wildlife Graduate Program now!

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