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If you are drawn to the sciences, especially to biology, love nature, enjoy animals, and have a passion for research and observation, you may enjoy focusing your academic pursuits in a branch of Veterinary and Animal Sciences such as a Zoology & Wildlife Graduate Program. Zoology is the category of biology that deals with the scientific study of the animal kingdom both in the laboratory and in their natural environments, while Wildlife Biology concentrates on the relationship between animals and the natural resources that support their survival.  The other aspects that one would study in a Zoology & Wildlife Program are Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Mathematics, and Statistics. It can be helpful to have good communication skills for writing up reports.

As for your future, some potential job openings  you could have with a Degree in Zoology & Wildlife include doing laboratory research, observing wildlife, working in colleges or universities as teachers, working in zoos, or even with governments to assist in areas of conservation and wildlife management and nature.

The benefit to the Hybrid format of study is that it combines the flexibility that you get from taking your Zoology & Wildlife courses online coupled with a low residency experience of taking courses on college campus.

Sound like a fit for your educational and professional needs? Perform a location search on by using the city, state, or country tabs. This will determine where Hybrid Zoology & Wildlife Programs are offered. Then filter results by Zoology & Wildlife Degree type, whether Masters, Doctorate, or Graduate Certificate. For instance, maybe a Hybrid Master in Animal Science will interest you.

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