Online Veterinary Science Graduate Degrees & Animal Science Graduate Programs

An online masters in veterinary science will educate you through research, knowledge and the technology necessary to continually improve productivity, efficiency, and sustainability of animal agriculture. Learn more about these graduate degree programs today!

Online Veterinary Animal Sciences graduate programs are programs provide a high quality education to students with diverse goals and help to advance, through research, the familiarity and technology required to continue to improve productivity, efficiency and sustainability in animal agriculture. 

Some foundational coursework that might be common to many veterinary or animal sciences graduate programs might include; animal nutrition, animal behavior, animal welfare, comparative physiology of animals, animal disease’s, breeding, and animal endocrinology.

Online Veterinary Animal Sciences graduate programs create a more flexible learning experience from your own home or on the road. Online classes and schools are comparable to campus programs. They may sometimes be just as social too because many programs use advanced forums and group project tools.  Filter your search by degree for Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Online Master of Science in Animal and Veterinary Sciences programs, or a Ph.D. in Animal Sciences.

Enhance your education by searching for online veterinary animal sciences programs – start clicking away today! 

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  • Canisius College

  • Prescott College

  • Oregon State University

  • American College of Applied Science

  • Texas Tech University

  • Eastern Virginia Medical School