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Online Urban Studies degree programs are interdisciplinary in nature.  Students in an urban studies graduate degree program evaluate and analyze cities, urban life, and urbanization.

Participating in an urban studies degree program in an online environment might afford students a degree of flexibility in terms of the times they are able to complete coursework and assignments.  Earning an urban studies graduate degree online typically requires that students complete the same coursework as their campus based cohorts.  Some classes that a student in an online urban studies program might encounter includes; urban economics, urban planning and design, environmental policy and planning, affordable housing, urban politics, and urban cultural issues.

Depending on the program students in an online master’s level urbans studies graduate program might be able to earn an online M.A. in Urban Studies, a Master of Professional Studies in Urban and Regional Planning, or an online M.S. in Urban Studies.  Students in an online urban studies degree program at the doctoral level may be able to earn an online Ph.D. in urban studies. Those that are interested in pursuing post graduate worrk or a non-degree course of study might be interested in earning an online graduate certificate in urban studies.

Some online urban studies degree programs might offer students the opportunity to specialize in a variety of areas, some of these areas might include; urban planning, urban design, community development, or international development. They might also find that participating in an urban education graduate program could potentially be another option.

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