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Just as a physician needs to know how every part of the body works to function as a healthy human being, an Urban Planner needs to understand how every element in a community functions to support that space. With a Masters in Urban Planning you can play a critical role in urban development, community outreach, economic growth, government policy/law, public relations and environmental/sustainable living. In the end, you will learn how to consider all of these factors in the management of the municipality, big or small, that you will work in.

Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Programs prepare you for a career heavily involved the public and nonprofit sectors as someone committed to improving the lives of individuals in the community. As an urban planner, you’ll be able to answer questions like: how will road construction affect traffic patterns? Will building a new baseball stadium bring economic growth? What is the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to provide power to my town’s residents? What is the most aesthetically pleasing plan for a new park? If these are interesting questions that spark your curiosity, then an Urban Planning Degree is right for you! You’ll work to make recommendations on the best course of action for these problems, work to execute them, and then communicate these changes to the public.

Browse our large directory at GradSchools.com for the Best Urban Planning Schools. Online graduate programs give you the flexibility of learning on your time. Urban Planning Graduate Schools that offer online courses are just as social as campus programs, using advanced forums and group project tools to interact with classmates and professors. At Gradschools.com, you can learn more about Urban Planning Grad Schools & Programs at the MBA, MA, MS, PhD & Graduate Certificate degree levels. And don't forget, if there is a particular area of interest to use that to pinpoint the right degree for you. For instance, you can earn an Online Master Town and Country Planning Degree

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