Online Technology Management Graduate Programs

Online Technology Management graduate programs are offered as graduate certificates, masters and doctorate degrees. These programs may appeal to the scholar seeking the next degree after graduating from a 4-year undergraduate program or mid-career professionals seeking leadership skills, technical management training, and advanced knowledge in how to align business strategies with technology. If you are someone who is interested in a graduate tech management degree but commuting to campus is unrealistic, earning an online PhD or masters in technology management may be a viable solution.

Online Technology Management Graduate Programs

Online Technology Management Graduate Programs revolve around the study of how to prioritize and manage the information technology resources (both tangible computer, employees and customers) of an organization. These functions may include[i]:

  • IT financial management
  • Sourcing and staffing
  • Change Management
  • Tech Support
  • Software Design
  • Network Programming
  • IT configuration management
  • IT service management
  • IT governance
  • Business and IT alignment

Tech Management or Management Information Systems

Information technology management is different from Management Information Systems (MIS) in that Technology Management refers to IT-related management in organizations and the integration of people, information and communication technologies and business processes to increase value within an organization[ii]. MIS is focused on the business aspect; MIS directors usually supervise the information systems used by their organization which could include overseeing customer support or making sure all the technology (software, hardware is up to date). He or she might report to a Chief Information Officer.

Online Graduate Certificates in Technology Management

Students interested in refining specific skills to boost

credentials may benefit from earning an online graduate certificate in tech management. Sometimes called “add-ons”, prospective applicants usually need a Bachelor’s degree. If you may want to enroll in a Master’s degree program at a later date, some certificates can be used as transfer credit.

Online Masters in Technology Management

As someone interested in management or executive functions, you know that experience in your field is required; today’s organizations also value a candidate for more senior roles with a graduate degree such as the Master of Business Administration (MBA)[iii]. Other options for online Masters in Technology Management could include the master of science (MS) in information technology management and the Masters of Professional Studies in Technology Management. Often your undergraduate background will help determine the route you take in Graduate School.

Online Doctorate in Technology Management

Students with a strong desire to research, develop, and lead in industry might consider earning a Doctoral degree such as the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Technology Management online. Students sometimes might enter doctoral programs with a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree depending on the program.

Potential Features of Online Technology Management Grad Programs

Students should first of all look for an accredited college or university that offers online Technology Management Graduate Programs; institutions of higher education are nationally and regionally accredited. Apart from ‘smart shopping’, since formats vary between schools, some of the potential features of an online program could include:

  • Scheduling flexibility for working professionals
  • Either no campus visits or a few on site meetings, courses or intensives
  • Educational technology used for electronic submission of assignments
  • Asynchronously delivered course material to a web portal
  • Online discussion boards for classmates
  • Use of email, web cams and other digital technology for communication
  • University tech support
  • Often the same courses as residential programs
  • In some cases, live streaming seminars
  • Sometimes lecturers from all over the world are brought into the online campus
  • Study at your own pace

Take the Next Step

In today's’ tech-driven business environment, if you are looking to move your IT career forward by learning management skills or to lead innovation within your enterprise, why not look into earning a graduate-level technology management degree online? Start reviewing sponsored listings on the directory to find choices that might include: Doctor of business Administration-Management of Engineering and Technology online, online Masters of Professional Studies in Technology Management and online MS in Information Technology Management. These are only a few possibilities. One of the great things about the site is that you can request information from each graduate school to help you find the program that meets your needs.

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