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Searching for universities and graduate schools with Technology Management Degree programs and graduate certificates? Whether you are a scholar with an undergraduate degree or a mid-career professional seeking a deeper understanding of how to align business strategy with computer technology, earning your graduate degree on a college campus may be a great fit. Many students welcome the chance to brainstorm with classmates, learn from their professors, live lectures, interact and participate in college activities and associations. To match the needs of working students, many universities offer courses at convenient hours (weekends, evenings). Since the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the demand for well-educated information technology managers will increase by 15% between 2014 and 2024[i] now may be the perfect time to consider earning a graduate technology management degree.

Types of Technology Management Degree Programs

At the graduate level, Technology Management Degree programs are offered in different tracks as Masters and Doctorate Degrees. In the event you are not quite ready for a full degree, some universities may have graduate certificate program options. The common prerequisite is an undergraduate degree from an accredited college such as a Bachelors in Information Technology or an MIS degree.

Masters in Technology Management Degrees

Masters in Technology Management  programs may be available as Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science (MS) and Master of Professional Studies (MPS). A bachelor’s degree in information technology, management information systems, or computer science may be a relevant platform. Both experience and a graduate degree are usually necessary for advancement into more senior IT management roles.[ii] Many of the Masters programs involve practical business application and learning relevant

business management and IT skills for executing decisions relating to innovation, expansion, organizational change within a company or organizational setting.  

Doctorate Technology Management Degrees

Doctorate Technology Management  programs may be available as Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) or PhD in Technology Management. Sometimes, graduates of Master of Science programs enter PhD programs, while MBA graduates might choose the DBA as the next step and terminal degree. Terminal degrees are designed to prepare students for leadership and cultivate strong skills in research methodology, entrepreneurship and the integration of technology and management.

Inside a Graduate Technology Management Degree Program

University management technology programs provide business and computer courses, with the orientation towards educating and developing managers who can effectively plan, design, develop, select, implement, use and administer the present and emerging technology within their organization. This entails a level of technical and management knowledge and an alignment of business strategy with communication and information technology. If you aspire to a potential career in tech management, today’s technology managers include[iii]:

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Information Technology Directors
  • Chief Technology Officers (CTO)
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Information Research Scientists[iv]

Find a Graduate School for Tech Management

Finding a graduate school that has the Technology Management degree you are interested in may take a little homework on your part, but the site has some easy to use features and you can follow these simple steps:

  • Choose your degree level (masters, doctorate, certificate)
  • Use the location search (city, state, country)

If you plan to relocate from where you are currently, you should consider whether you are looking for a university in a large city or a small town. These factors may be incidental, but on average, a master’s degree takes about 2-years and a doctorate degree could take 5-years past your undergraduate years so you want to choose a place you will enjoy. Other than that, look for a regional or nationally accredited graduate school and that the curriculum is relevant to you. You might also check into faculty and whether there is any interesting research being undertaken at the school.

Take the Next Step

The last thing to do is scroll through the directory of sponsored listings such as an on-campus Master of Business Administration – Technology Management. If you are someone who enjoys sitting in the front row to take notes or the social aspect of university, a campus program may suit you well. Find out more by requesting information from your choices, and possibly scheduling a visit to them in the near future.  

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