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Thinking about attending a teaching science graduate schools? Earning your teaching science graduate degree in a campus program could have a variety of benefits. You could take advantage of the facilities and services on campus. You may study under faculty with experience teaching in your community, with valuable insight into the needs of your students. Best of all, science education graduate schools may prepare you to help your students flourish. Science education graduate degree programs may be offered at the masters, certificate and doctoral level. Read on to learn more about which might be perfect for you.

Teaching Science Graduate Schools : Getting Started

Teaching science graduate schools might help you to hone your skills as an educator both in and out of the classroom. You might find campus-based programs tailored to your unique needs and career goals. Are you an experienced science teacher, interested in honing your craft to help your students succeed? Or are you new to teaching, looking for a program that may help you learn what you need to launch a new career in education? Science teacher education graduate schools may be able to support both of those goals, and more.

Studying at science education graduate schools, you could become part of a vibrant campus community, making important connections with fellow educators. What’s more, you could make use of valuable resources like libraries, research services, technology, tutoring, and counseling services. Your chosen teaching science graduate school might offer these services and others. For more information, or if you have specific needs to address, reach out to the programs you’re considering for more information.

But campus resources are only the start. In science education graduate schools, you could study under faculty who have experience working with your community. That means they may have insight into the needs of your school community and be able to offer valuable advice. A local graduate school might also help facilitate student teaching or observation experience if needed, allowing you to see classroom lessons put into action. And on top of all of that, science education graduate schools could be in a convenient location to work with your life and work schedule.

Teaching Science Graduate Schools : Program Options

If you’ve decided you want to earn a graduate degree in science education, finding programs that support your goals is an important first step of the process. Which programs may work for you could depend on your level of education, experience, and goals. For example, if you’re interested in classroom teaching, the programs that appeal to you may be slightly different than someone interested in moving to an administrative position or another non-teaching role. Similarly, if you’re new to education, you might have different needs than experienced teachers and administrators. Here’s a brief guide to the types of science education graduate programs you might choose from.

Earn Your Masters in Teaching Science Graduate Schools

Teaching science masters programs may include Master of Science (MS) in Education, Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), and Master of Education. Some masters programs may also allow you to earn an Educational Specialist (EdS) degree with additional coursework. Depending on your goals and needs, a variety of masters program options may be available. For example, someone focused on teaching may prefer a MAT program that focuses on pedagogy and other classroom skills, whereas another student may prefer a more administrative-oriented Master of Education program. Additionally, some programs may be designed to help new teachers attain certification for the first time, or focus on teaching a specific type of science like biology, chemistry, or physics.

Pursue a Doctorate in Science Education on Campus

If you’ve already earned your masters in sciences education and want to take your career to the next level, consider earning your doctorate in science education at a graduate school. You could choose from science education PhD programs and Doctor of Education (EdD) programs. The specific differences between programs may vary depending on your individual course of study, or your professional goals. However, there are some trends that might help you get started choosing your preferred program type. For example, PhD programs within education (including Teaching Science PhD programs) might focus on performing and analyzing education research related to your subject area. Many EdD programs may be designed to support administrative and leadership roles within school and district communities. You might also find programs of either degree type designed to support active teachers in the classroom. Whatever your career goals, earning your doctorate in science education, you could develop expertise to help you succeed. Keep in mind that individual programs may vary from these general descriptions, and reach out to programs you might be interested in for more specific information pertaining to your goals.

Earn Teaching Science Graduate Certificates on Campus

Graduate school science education certificate programs might be offered at the masters or post-masters level, making them an option whether you’ve earned a graduate degree or not. Graduate certificate programs, not to be confused with teacher certification, are one way to pursue formal graduate education outside a degree program. These programs might support any continuing education requirements, or could be a great way to begin learning about a new subject area, skill set, or discipline. You might even be able to attend a graduate certificate program aimed to support you in earning your teaching certification. Certificate programs are often shorter than full degree programs, and may focus more narrowly on a specific topic—such as techniques to teach a specific type of science, or to address a specific issue in your classroom—or even a foundation for further graduate study.

Start Searching For Your Teaching Science Graduate Schools

Ready to start the search for your potential science education graduate schools? If so, you’ve come to the right place. If you have an idea what you’re looking for, you can use the menu to narrow down your search criteria. You could select filters based on program level, and even your preferred location if necessary. Then read more about your preferred programs, and reach out to the sponsored program listings you may be interested in for additional information, or to start applying. If you want to pursue your graduate degree in science education on campus, get started today!

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