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Are you drawn to the idea of helping various education levels learn to turn their creative energy into art projects? Do you enjoy discussing art with others? Would you be interested in taking courses in both art and education? Are you looking for a career-directed program within the field of Teacher Education? If so, a Teaching Art Graduate Program can prepare you for some rewarding professional opportunities, whether in public or private schools. Music, drama and visual arts are vital forms of self-expression, and art teachers are there to help students discover and cultivate these areas.

Some Graduates with Degrees in Art Education choose to work with gifted or special education students. Depending on which specialization you select, you may find jobs not only as a teacher of the artistic processes, but also teaching art theory, art history, art appreciation, or overseeing drama or music programs.

Ready to search for accredited Campus-Based Art Teacher Education Graduate Programs? The benefit to pursuing a Campus Degree in Art Education is that you will have the opportunity to network with both your peers and professors. Plus, you get complete access to campus facilities, including libraries and art studios.

Ready to search for accredited Campus Art Teacher Education Degree Programs? You can start with a location search on GradSchools.com, using the state, popular city, or country tabs to determine where you can go to earn your Degree in Art Education.

Next, you can search by Art Education Degree level, whether a Campus Graduate Certificate in Fine Arts Education, a Campus Master of Arts in Art & Design Education, or a Campus Doctorate in Art Education.

Of course, with so many great campuses to choose from, begin looking into accredited Art Teacher Education Degree Programs soon so you can start this rewarding academic and professional path soon!

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