Hybrid Teaching Art Graduate Programs and Graduate Schools

If you would find it rewarding to help various education levels learn to turn their creative energy into art projects, enjoy discussing art with others, want to take courses ...

in both art and education, and want a career-focused program within the field of Teacher Education, a Teaching Art Graduate Program can prepare you for a variety of job opportunities.

Depending on your goals, a Degree in Art Education can lead to a teaching career in public or private schools. Music, drama and visual arts are vital forms of self-expression, and art teachers are there to help students discover and cultivate these areas.

Some Graduates with Degrees in Art Education choose to work with gifted or special education students However, you are not limited to teaching artistic processes, you may also find openings teaching art theory, art history, art appreciation, or overseeing drama or music programs.

The benefit to a Hybrid format Art Teacher Education Degree Program is that it combines taking some courses online plus taking some courses on-campus. Even though it is low residency, you will still have access to the college campus facilities, as well as be able to build your social and professional networks through your interactions with peers and professionals.

When you are ready to search, you can perform a location search on GradSchools.com to determine where you can earn a Hybrid Art Education Degree. Use the tabs to enter the city, state, or country you hope to study in and see what results are yielded.

You can then browse all the Degree levels in Art Education, whether you go for a Graduate Certificate, Masters or Doctorate Art Teacher Education Degree. For instance, you can work towards a Hybrid Master of Art Education, or a Hybrid Master of Arts in Art & Design Education.

Check into all your available options and choose the Hybrid Art Teacher Education Graduate Program that aligns with your academic and professional needs.