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Finding Teacher Education Graduate Programs Online

An online teacher education program could help you take your knowledge to a new level! If you’re already working in education, you know just how much teachers may have to prepare to stay on top of their game. And if you’re anticipating a career change, you’re probably aware of how much you still should learn before pursuing potential opportunities in the education field. So why not potentially enhance your education career with a teacher education program? Below, you’ll learn about potential benefits, degree types worth considering, and why pursuing teacher education graduate programs online may be perfect for you.

Reasons for Pursuing Teacher Education Graduate Programs Online[i]

As you may already know, all states require teachers to hold a bachelor’s degree in education. So, if you’ve already finished your undergraduate studies, why pursue further teacher education? There could be a few potential reasons:

  • Your state requires continuing education: Requirements for teacher certification or licensure are different in every state. In some states, you may need to pursue ongoing education to keep your license. In that case, earning a teaching certificate online or pursuing online graduate courses for teachers could fit the bill! To be sure, check your state’s requirements.
  • Your state requires you to earn a masters degree in education: As mentioned before, all states have different requirements for earning and maintaining teaching certification and licensure. In some cases, teachers must earn a masters after attaining teacher certification. In other cases, students who wish to teach, but have earned a bachelor’s degree in an area other than education, may need to pursue an alternative teacher certification program that results in a masters degree. Yes, it can be a bit confusing! Check with your state’s department of educator for details. If you find you do need a masters degree, pursuing a masters of education online may be the way to go…especially for busy, working teachers.
  • You hope to enhance your teaching skillset: After spending some time working as a teacher, you may recognize areas where you’d like to learn more. For example, do you wish you were better equipped to help ESL students, or are you interested in studying education technology that could help you deliver information to your students in new and engaging ways? Perhaps you could find online graduate courses for teachers that address your professional interests and challenges.

Types of Teacher Education Graduate Programs Online That May Be Perfect for You

Whether you’re considering teacher education graduate programs online or another path, it’s important to identify the potential program that suits your individual goals! Here are some education graduate programs you may encounter:

Online masters programs in education: If you’re thinking about earning a masters of education online, you may find a few different top degree types with slightly different but overlapping goals. For example, an M.Ed. in Education may be considered an applied degree that could have potential applications in fields other than teaching, whereas an M.A. or M.S. in Education may help you prepare to teach a particular subject. Of course, every program may have different areas of focus or intended outcomes, so read descriptions carefully. You may also be able to select an area of concentration, such as Special Education or Curriculum and Instruction.

Here’s a sampling of just a few of the courses that may be found in online education masters programs:

  • Best practices, theories and trends in curriculum and instruction
  • The diverse classroom
  • Instructional effectiveness
  • School and community partnerships
  • Educational research
  • And more

And here are a few of the potential concentrations you may be able to find if you hope to pursue an online masters degree in education:

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Teacher Leadership
  • Methods and Curriculum
  • And more

Teaching certificate online: Another potential path may be to pursue a teacher certificate program. These are typically non-degree programs that may require you to pursue a series of online graduate courses for teachers. Such programs may be described as online teacher certification programs, intended to help teachers prepare to meet state requirements for certification. You may find online teacher certification programs in concentrations like pre-K through 4th education, secondary education, special education, reading specialist, instructional design, and much more.

Potential courses you may be able to take while earning a teaching certificate online include:

  • Science teaching methods
  • Early literacy
  • Assessment
  • Literacy and content skill development
  • And others

Online educational doctorate programs: While earning a doctorate degree in education online may not be required for most teachers, this path may be necessary if you hope to teach at the college level.[ii] In fact, 82% of postsecondary education teachers earned a doctoral degree, while another 10% pursued post-doctoral training. [iii] An online doctorate in education, such as an Ed.D, may also help candidates to prepare for challenges in educational leadership or research, among other areas.

Educational doctorate programs typically emphasize independent research and scholarship. However, other potential course topics you could pursue include:

  • Multicultural education
  • Education policy
  • Contemporary problems in education
  • Education research methodology
  • And more

Potential Benefits to Pursuing Online Graduate Courses for Teachers

Unsure whether earning a certificate, doctorate, or masters of education online is a good path for you? Online learning may be perfect for busy working professionals, like teachers, who may not have time to pursue their continuing education during traditional hours. Plus, online course delivery may make use of learning technology, like message boards and mobile devices, that could inspire you in your own classroom. And the best news? 90% of students say online classes are as good or better as their in-person classes! *

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