Houston Hybrid Sports Management Graduate Programs

Hybrid sports management degree programs teach a combination of business principles and the science of sports. Therefore, some of the key topics programs look at include business technology and sports management strategy. Classes also address using data analytics to create effective strategies in the sports industry. Plus, choosing to pursue your degree in a hybrid format combines the benefits of both online learning and traditional, on-campus formats. This way you can be free to do some coursework around any existing obstacles in your schedule. Other times you go to campus to meet with your class to complete other requirements.

Hybrid Sports Management Degree: What You’ll Learn

While earning a hybrid sports management degree, programs teach how to analyze and apply various sport management principles, theories, and concepts. This may include using case studies, group projects, and research projects that apply these principles to solve controversial issues in sports.

Hybrid sports management degrees require you to complete some coursework online and other assignments on-campus. The hybrid format may allow you the opportunity to develop relationships with professors, classmates, or other students on your school’s sports teams, which earning your degree completely online may not provide.

Common Sports Management Hybrid Courses

As sports management is the application of common business practices to sports-related industries, courses focus on providing sound business knowledge. Other topics may include how to manage sports franchises and professional talent, as well as regulations, ethics, and legal issues in sports.

Check out the list below for some of the common sports management hybrid courses.

  • Introduction to Sports Management
  • Public Relations and Advertising for the Sports Industry
  • Legal Aspects of Sport
  • Sport Consumer Research
  • Sport and Social Issues

Choosing to earn your sports management graduate degree in a hybrid format allows you to combine the freedom of online courses and the structure of a traditional format. Some hybrid courses include both online coursework and on-campus classes throughout the semester. Other classes may be either entirely online or on-campus. However, each school has a unique design. Therefore, you should check out a few options to find a perfect match for your goals.

Different Hybrid Sports Management Graduate Degree Levels

Typically, there are three types of sports management graduate degree levels to choose from. All of the different levels look to develop students’ ability to perform market research and apply management principles to sports-oriented organizations. However, each of the different levels has unique admissions and graduation requirements.

Check out the list below for the three hybrid sports management graduate programs.

  1. Hybrid Sports Management Certificate
  2. Hybrid Masters in Sports Management
  3. Hybrid PhD in Sports Management

Consider your current educational and professional experience, as well as your future professional goals, to find the perfect hybrid sports management degree for you.

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