Hybrid Special Gifted Education Graduate Programs

Starting your search for hybrid special gifted education graduate programs could be your first step to incorporating inclusive teaching methods into your classroom. Whether your students require additional assistance or more challenging coursework, the theories and methods covered in these programs could help you support their unique needs and overcome academic obstacles. Continue reading for more information on blended special and gifted education graduate programs that may not only be perfect for you – but your students too.

Blended Special Gifted Education Graduate Programs: Choosing Your Degree

Hybrid special gifted education graduate programs pull elements from both online and on-campus instructional formats to create a combination that could be great for busy students. Blended graduate programs provide online courses for students to log into, as well as physical campus courses. This way, students could tap into the traditional campus experience while also having the flexibility of online learning.

This might be a perfect fit for current educators looking to take the next step in their own education. During the school year, you could take convenient online courses after the school day, on your weekends, or during your lunchbreak. While you’re on summer break and have less responsibility, you may choose to head into the classroom to study under the tutelage of a professor, networking with fellow educators face-to-face. With a hybrid special gifted education graduate program, you could pursue your academic goals your way, without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Keep reading for more information about blended special gifted graduate degrees that might be a great choice for you!

Hybrid Special Gifted Education Masters Programs

In a blended special gifted education masters program, you may have the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge to foster an inclusive classroom as part of your professional career. While different programs may go about it in different ways, each strives to engage students with techniques potentially necessary to effectively teach in general, gifted, or special needs classrooms. Masters programs may be a great choice for students looking to jumpstart a career in the educational field because courses often cover key teaching concepts, in addition to specialized curriculum. Curriculum varies by institution but many offer courses in subjects such as hearing impairment assistance, autistic spectrum disorders, and accelerated learning method. When considering these curriculum requirements, students could expect to complete a blended special and gifted education masters program in 2 years of full time study. Program lengths vary by school.

As you may see, these blended masters programs work with a wide assortment of subjects catered to assisting students with additional educational requirements such as hearing impairment or gifted studies. Due to this, schools may require students to submit a 3.0 undergraduate GPA as part of their application to ensure they could take on the rigorous coursework. Supplemental materials may also be requested, such as résumés, statements of intent, and letters of recommendation. Contact your preferred programs to learn more by clicking the link in their listing.

Hybrid Special Gifted Education Doctoral Programs

Blended special gifted education doctoral programs aim to help students advance research in the field and create new methods to assist children of varying learning capabilities. These programs may be great for those hoping to pursue research focused positions or teach at the post-secondary level. Through coursework, as well as dissertation research, students might be able to step inside actual classrooms to gather data and test their latest theories. During your studies, you may also have the opportunity to study topics including atypical learning theory, cognitive psychology, autism support delivery systems, curriculum development and implementation, and professional teacher development. Check with your intended program for a comprehensive list of courses offered. Due to the amount of time it takes to collect research data, as well as complete graduation requirements, students could expect to complete a special education doctoral program in 5 years.

Given the intense nature of these programs, admissions criteria are often focused on previous academic performance.  Students may be required to submits a 3.0 graduate GPA in addition to GRE scores. It’s important to note that unlike the other graduate programs mentioned on this page, blended doctoral programs may require previous graduate coursework. This could make the program perfect for students who have already completed a graduate program and are looking to further their studies.

Hybrid Special Gifted Education Graduate Certificate Programs

Blended special gifted education graduate certificate programs may be a perfect fit for educators who want to continue their professional endeavors, while simultaneously improving their education. Certificate programs may grant the opportunity to develop your understanding of classroom teaching methods and how they ultimately affect your students. The highly focused and specialized coursework offered in these programs might equip you to better assist students with hearing impairments, who require additional stimulation, or who fall on the autistic spectrum. You could then immediately apply your new skills and knowledge in your own classroom, perhaps creating a welcoming environment for a great number of students to come and learn.

Since these programs are specifically aimed at current working professionals, schools tend to make admissions criteria accessible. This could mean that you are not requested to submit supplemental materials such as GRE exams scores, which might require additional time and resources. In fact, many programs only ask students to submit a 2.5 undergraduate GPA. Likewise, because certificate programs are designed for current educators, students could expect to complete the specialized coursework in 1 to 1.5 years, so as not to overly interfere with their professional life. Program lengths vary by school.

Post-Graduation Options for Hybrid Special Gifted Education Graduate Degrees

The skills and knowledge you may gain as part of a special gifted education graduate program could help you jumpstart a career in the teaching field. Depending on your concentration, you might choose to pursue a career teaching general academics from the elementary to secondary levels, or take part in a gifted or special needs classroom. The latter classrooms especially may lean heavily on the additional training you could receive in hybrid special gifted education graduate programs.

Positions in gifted and special needs classrooms may present educators with more challenges than the average academic setting. During class time or lesson planning, you could be required to perform such tasks as creating specialized curriculum or participating in parent-teacher meetings. This may be in addition to routine teaching practices such as grading and administrative tasks. With these requirements in mind, students pursuing teaching careers could potentially earn a median salary of $56,800 annually.[i]  This median salary includes varying levels of education, and you may see some fluctuation depending on your intended position. 

While these careers typically require a bachelor’s degree for entry level positions, earning a graduate degree could lead to career enhancement in the future.[ii] In addition to helping you be competitive in the industry, now might also be a great time to earn a degree and enter the education field. Teaching positions are projected to potentially grow by 6% from 2014 to 2024. [ii] It is important to note that many of these positions are location based and often reflect the unique needs of a school district. Relocating to a new city, county, or state might be a great way to track down available positions!

Reviewing Hybrid Special Gifted Education Graduate Programs

With this information, you may be ready to start your journey to find a perfect blended special gifted education graduate program. Browse potential programs ont his page. Or further refine your list by select your preferred program level from the menu on this page. A perfect hybrid special gifted education graduate program could be waiting for you!

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