United States Online Education of the Deaf Graduate Programs & Graduate Schools

Online deaf education degree programs are designed to develop skills in educators to address the needs of children and adults with hearing disabilities.

One common degree awarded to graduates of online deaf education graduate programs is the MDE (Master of Deaf Education).  This is typically a degree that may qualify the holder to work directly with clients, or work to develop programs and curriculum aimed as serving deaf students. Those interested in a career in research of teaching at the collegiate level may want to consider earning a Ph.D. graduate degree in deaf education.

There are online deaf education degrees available in many locations throughout the US and abroad.  For example there may be many online deaf education programs in Texas

Universities with deaf education programs that offer online programs might include coursework that covers topics like articulation disorders and phonetics, foundations of special education, implants for infants and children, and teaching children with hearing loss and additional disabilities.  Earning an online deaf education degree might also include one or more student teaching requirements.

Colleges with deaf education programs may offer online master’s in deaf education programs and online graduate certificate programs for deaf educators. 

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