Pennsylvania Education of the Deaf Graduate Programs on-Campus & Graduate Schools

Colleges with campus based deaf education degree programs offer coursework and training designed to develop skills in educators to address the needs of children with hearing related learning disabilities.

It should be noted that education of the deaf graduate programs are different from audiology programs because of their specific emphasis on the educational aspects of working with children with hearing disabilities rather than focusing on medical or therapeutic interventions.

The MDE (Master of Deaf Education) is one common abbreviation for graduates of a deaf education graduate program.  This is a degree that may qualify the holder to work directly with clients, or work to develop programs and curriculum aimed as serving deaf students.

Universities with deaf education programs that offer programs might include coursework that covers topics like curriculum and methods for deaf children, aural rehab for infants and children, research methods, language and literacy in deaf children, foundations of early childhood special education, teaching children with hearing loss to hear and speak, and family intervention techniques.

Colleges with deaf education programs may offer master’s in deaf education programs, Ph.D./Doctorate in deaf education programs, and graduate certificate programs for deaf educators.  Search for education of the deaf graduate programs by location, degree level, and program format on

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