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If you are interested in the human body, technology in medicine, and how it can be used to treat disease, an online degree in radiology could be for you. Radiology is a specialty in the medical field that uses imaging techniques such as, X-rays, ultrasounds, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to diagnose and treat disease seen within the body. Students who earn a radiologist degree learn how to use technology to create visual depictions of the interior of a body for clinical examination and medical intervention.  Students who earn a graduate degree in radiologic and imaging Sciences might be able to pursue potential career opportunities in a diverse range of imaging and therapeutic professions.

Online radiology graduate schools are usually similar to their campus based counter parts in curriculum and coursework requirements.  Some common coursework in online radiology graduate programs might include; principles of MR imaging, cancer imaging, vascular imaging, image processing and analysis, physical principles of CT, PET, and SPECT imaging, and principles of diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound.  Even though most of the coursework in an online radiology degree program is completed online, some radiology schools might require students to complete a specified number of hours of hands on training under the supervision of a licensed professional, check with the admissions department of the schools you are interested to find out if these clinical training requirements are a part of the programs you are interested in.

Maybe you’re already working full time to pay for grad school or have a family, then an online Radiology & Imaging Sciences program could be a good fit for you. Online programs provide you the flexibility to take classes on your time, while still enhancing your current education. Search for graduate

programs with an online format to find a program that’s right for you!

Are you to earn a degree in Radiology & Imaging Sciences online? Search for online radiology graduate programs on Whether it be an online graduate certificates in radiology, an online Doctorate in Diagnostic Radiography program or a Master of Science in Medical Dosimetry program, you can find the radiology graduate program that is best for you. Start your search now!

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