Atlanta Public Health Graduate Programs

Public Health Graduate Programs focus on the different aspects of the art and science of preventing and treating disease, prolonging life and promoting health of people and communities through organized efforts. If you are interested in:

  • Scientific or administrative aspect of public health.
  • Developing and implementing educational programs.
  • Formulating public policy.
  • Providing services.
  • Conducting research.
  • Tracking disease outbreaks.
  • Providing regulation and safety standards for health systems.

Then you are searching for a graduate degree in public health program through a public health grad school.

Public Health Graduate Programs: Essentials

Public Health Graduate Degree Programs Information

Public Health Graduate Programs encompass disciplines such as epidemiology, biostatistics, health services, health services administration, health education, behavioral science and environmental health. These programs are available as a master’s degrees, doctorate degrees, and graduate certificates. Masters in public health programs may require a bachelors degree and two years or more of full time study. A doctorate level public health graduate program may require applicants to hold a masters and require a longer period of study. Some public health graduate schools may also require applicants to have a specific amount of experience in their field of study. Other details may vary depending on the university or college.

FACT: Job prospects for medical and health services managers are likely to be favorable; candidates with a master’s degree in health administration or a related field, as well as knowledge of healthcare IT systems, will likely have the best prospectsi )

Types of Public Health Graduate Degrees: MPH, DPH, DHS, MS, PhD and More

Graduate degrees in public health may be professional or academic in nature.

Professional degrees are geared towards a practice in public health settings such as health departments, hospitals, or managed care facilities. For instance, the Master of Public Health, the Doctor of Public Health, the Doctor of Health Science or the Master of Health Care Administration are professional public health graduate degrees.

Academic degrees, such as the Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Science and Doctor of Health Science, are oriented towards learners whose interests lie more in the scientific basic of public health and preventive medicine, including those interested in academic or research careers.

Types of Graduate Public Health Programs

Public Health is a very broad discipline. This gives graduates the opportunity to choose a program that aligns with any career aspirations they might have. has an extensive directory of sponsored programs in several categories:

  • Bioethics
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Education and Communication
  • International Health
  • Occupational Health and Safety

Bioethics Graduate Programs

Bioethics graduate programs may focus on the ethical issues emerging due to advances in medicine and biology[v]. Students may learn how to scrutinize public policy or identify dilemmas that arise in the interplay between life sciences, biotechnology, medicine, politics, law and philosophy (e.g. abortion or euthanasia).

Epidemiology Graduate Programs

Epidemiology is one of the cornerstones of public health as it is the field concerned with the study and analysis of the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions in different populations. When you think of the Zika virus, epidemiologists are behind the attempts to track any outbreaks.

Health Education and Communication Graduate Programs

Health education and communication graduate programs are focused on the teaching of healthy lifestyles, habits, and health measures as they relate to environmental, physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual spheres.

International Health Graduate Programs

As a field of healthcare, International Health is also referred to a s ‘global health’ and is often performed by non-governmental organizations (NGOs).[ix] Areas of interest within international health include travel medicine and global processes that impact health.

Occupational Health and Safety Graduate Programs

Occupational health and safety is concerned with wellness in the workplace. Some of the areas of interest are creating programs and/or policies to prevent injury, the promotion of health and working capacity, and improvements in working conditions that may be warranted. 

FACT: The first public health organization based on a state health department and local boards of health was founded in New York City in the year 1866[xi].

Initiating a Search: On campus or Online Public Health Graduate Degree?

Public Health Graduate Programs are available as on campus or online programs, with varying formats and curriculums depending on the institution and the subject matter.

When deciding,  you may wish to consider some of the following factors.

  • Your proximity to an accredited public health graduate school
  • Your scheduling needs and how the programs accommodate you
  • Whether your program requires hands-on learning
  • Whether your program is more research and seminar-oriented
  • Whether you are autonomous or like a social learning atmosphere
  • Whether your program will require lab work or use of facilities

Once you have determined what your preference is, use this information to filter your search by either ‘campus’ or ‘online’. You can also search by location; use the city, state or country tabs to determine where an interesting graduate public health program is available. Some graduate schools have both formats, but this is not necessarily the case.

Some of the sponsored listings you might explore: Master of Public Health (MPH), Doctor of Philosophy – Mental Health Policy and Practice, PhD in Public Policy and Administration, Graduate Certificate in School Health Education and Graduate Program in Bioethics.

Why Earn a Graduate Degree in Public Health?

If you are seeking a job beyond an entry-level position, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a trend for employers to prefer candidates with a master’s degree for jobs such as those listed below.

  • Medical or Health Services Managersi
  • Social and Community Managersii
  • Health Educators (may require master’s or doctorate degree)iii
  • Epidemiologists (may have a medical degree & M.P.H.)iv
  • Environmental Scientists (master’s or Ph.D.)v

Entry level education requirements vary.

Take the Next Step - Find a Public Health Grad School

Whether you are interested in disease control, public health legislation, or teaching school children about the importance of washing their hands to prevent spreading germs, Public Health Graduate Programs have many facets. Choose from a variety of concentration areas to refine your professional aptitude, prepare you for potential careers in the field, or serve as a spring board to continued education.

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