Oregon Occupational Health Safety on-Campus Programs

Interested in gaining advanced knowledge in the field of occupational health safety? If so, pursuing a campus-based industrial hygiene degree may be a good option for you. One example of a career in which earning a graduate-level occupational health and safety degree may be beneficial is: occupational health and safety specialist. These industrial hygiene professionals are responsible for duties including: identifying hazards in the workplace; collecting samples for analysis; inspecting and evaluating work environments, equipment and practices for health and safety compliance; and designing workplace processes to help protect workers.

Whether you’re interested in finding local grad schools—or colleges around the globe—that offer occupational health and safety degree programs, we can help simplify your search! Just filter by location to pick a city, state or country and then choose from the list of graduate schools with industrial hygiene degree programs in your designated area.

Why choose a campus-based grad school? It can be a great way to build your professional and social contacts and take advantage of campus services like career planning, tutoring or libraries. Filter your campus search by degree for on-campus Occupational Health Safety Masters Programs or Industrial Hygiene Doctorate Graduate Programs. Or if you’re just starting out you may want to consider a campus-based Industrial or Occupational Health Safety Graduate Certificate Program. Don’t put off enhancing your education any longer—get your search started today!

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