Ontario Graduate Schools for Health Education and Communication

Health Communication Graduate Schools explore the strategic use of communication to address individual, community and global health problems. HCom degree seekers might study theories from behavioral sciences, social and health marketing, health promotion and education, along with public health intervention methods.

Health Communication Graduate Schools & HCom Degrees

You could look for Health Communication Graduate Schools that offer programs at the Masters, Doctorate and Certificate Levels. At each of these academic levels, students could learn to flesh out, deliver, and assess effective health promotion and disease prevention programs and campaigns. On campus programs could also include lab sessions where students could study the technology and software programs used to create and circulate health information.

What is Health Marketing?

Health Marketing focuses on the various advertising techniques and technologies used to create programs for specific audiences or purposes. Programs of this nature rely more heavily on topics in social media marketing, media studies, public relations and communication science theory. Consequently, you might find health marketing programs offered through a university’s Communications department.

Health Behavior and Health Education

Other universities offer Health Communication Graduate programs through their School of Medicine or Public Health department. In these programs, course content could draw from areas such as epidemiology, health behavior and health promotion. Ultimately, those who are drawn to health education might focus less on media studies and more on health needs assessment and program implementation.

Masters in Health Communication Schools

Universities that offer Masters in Health Communication degree programs could award a Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Science (MS) in Health Communication degree. Most programs entail between 30 to 36 credits, and could take a full-time student about 2 years to complete. For entry into a Masters in Health Communication program, a variety of undergraduate majors may be acceptable. Students could expect to furnish material such as transcripts, letters of reference, an essay, resume and possibly, GRE scores.

Masters degree seekers could find Health Communication Graduate Schools with distinctive program emphases. For instance, communications-focused masters programs could help students learn how to deliver media support, launch a health campaign and brand health products and services. By contrast, science-focused Master of Science in Health Communication programs could explore biostatistics, writing skills for health and nutrition fields and public health research methods.

Graduate Certificates in Health Communication

Some of the same Health Communication graduate schools that award masters degrees might also offer graduate certificates. These programs allow students to take just a few graduate courses in a single content area such as health education and promotion. Upon completion of their courses, some students might be able to transfer earned credits into a masters program. Eligibility varies by school and program so make sure to contact an advisor to learn more.

PhD in Health Communication Schools

Doctoral degree seekers might find Health Communication Graduate Schools that offer either a PhD or professional doctorate such as the Doctor of Public Health degree. PhD programs are research oriented, and students are typically required to complete a dissertation that expresses original thought and findings. By contrast, a DrPH degree is a terminal practitioner degree, and usually explores leadership and advanced courses in community health behavior and education.

Admission to Health Communication PhD programs and DrPh programs could build on master’s level knowledge and skills.

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