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Whether you are interested in serving your community as a whole or counseling individuals Public Affairs and Social Sciences Graduate Programs offer an array of fascinating academic disciplines. Public Affairs programs are concerned with issues such as policy development and analysis, economics and government, public health and concerns of society. Social science is focused on society and the relationships between people within their society.

Political Sciences Graduate Programs Information

Choosing to earn a graduate degree in any of the Public Affairs and Social Sciences fields may give you the opportunity to research, refine your knowledge, improve your analytical and leadership skills to take you to the next level of study or career.

Public Affairs and Social Sciences Graduate Programs: Basics

Public Affairs and Social Sciences Graduate Degree Programs are available as graduate certificates, masters and doctorate degrees. Graduate level education often requires completion of an internship and thesis or dissertation, depending on the level of study. Each Public Affairs and Social Sciences Graduate degree offers more advanced and in-depth study, and a curriculum appropriate to that subject and could require a specific undergraduate degree.

Types Of Graduate Degrees and Programs

There are many types of Public Affairs and Social Sciences Graduate degrees to choose from. Choose your subject from the directory on the left to help narrow down your selection or browse some popular subjects below:

Masters Degrees: If you are approaching grad school with an undergraduate degree, a masters program typically provides an opportunity to concentrate on an area of interest. Choose your subject from the directory to review listings in that category. For instance, if you select public Administration and Policy, some of the listings might include: Master of Public Administration (MPA) or Master of Public Policy and Administration: Concentration in Social Change Leadership.

Doctorate Degrees: Going further, doctorate Public Affairs and Social Sciences programs tend to be research-focused and/or clinical practice degrees such as the PhD or Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology.

Graduate CertificatesPost-master’s graduate certificates allow grads to fine tune specific skill-sets and may be attractive to currently working students as a way to boost credentials. Some of your many options may include: Graduate Certificate in Public Administration, Advanced Conflict Resolution Practice Graduate Certificate, Counseling, 6th year and Graduate Certificate of Completion in Human Factors Psychology.

What are Public Affairs Graduate Programs?

Public Affairs graduate programs prepare students to serve society as well, but through public service, civic engagement, politics, communications, and non-profit areas. These programs offer leadership and decision-making skills to equip graduates to operate in the public interest, as well as address social needs and concerns. If you are looking for a graduate degree in a Public Affairs field, you might review:

  • Conflict & Peace Studies
  • Emergency Management
  • Environmental Management/policy
  • Human Services
  • International Relations
  • Non-profit Administration
  • Political Science/military
  • Public Administration and Policy (Government, labor relations. Public administration, public policy)
  • Public Health (Bioethics, epidemiology, health education & communication, international health, occupational health and safety)
  • Urban Affairs & Planning (urban studies)

What Are Social and Behavioral Sciences Graduate Programs?

Social sciences are often associated with behavioral sciences in that they explore the activities and interactions among human beings. Many social and behavioral science disciplines are relevant to the understanding of the mission of public health but they differ on their level of scientific analysis of behavior. Social science graduate students will analyze how human behavior can create ripple effects in behavior, economics and environment. If you visualize ‘Social Sciences’ as a tree, the main branches include[ii]:

  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Human Geography
  • Demography
  • Public Health
  • Sociology
  • Social Work
  • Humanities (ie. Anthropology, archaeology, jurisprudence, psychology, history and linguistics)

The behavioral sciences, particularly psychology, are concerned with the study of the actions of humans and animals. A Behavioral Science degree connects the natural sciences with the social sciences.


Coursework in statistics, program management and policy analysis is considered helpful if you aspire to work in social and community services management[i]

Choosing a Public Affairs and Social Sciences Graduate Program Format

Once you've narrowed down your subject selection, select your format type. Most programs are offered either online, on-campus or as a hybrid. Hybrid is sometimes referred to as partially online as there are some onsite requirements but most of the courses are offered remotely. Another great way to find graduate schools with the type of social science or public affairs graduate degree you seek is by location. Use the city, state or country tabs for a full selection of colleges and universities in your preferred area.

Both Program and Institutional accreditation are important, and should play a role in selecting a graduate program in social sciences or public affairs. There are different agencies committed to this process. You can check the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)[iii]. In the case of Public Affairs Graduate Programs, you can also check with NASPPA[iv]

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Take the Next Step

Whether you are interested in the behavioral and social sciences, want to specialize in neuroscience, gerontology or public policy, a graduate degree may help shape your future professional life. Public Affairs Social Science Graduate programs offer you the opportunity to move away from more generalized study, and potentially prepare you for a bright future in any number of possible career paths.

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