Oregon Hybrid Public Affairs and Social Sciences Graduate Programs

Often referred to as ‘blended online’ programs, Hybrid Public Affairs and Social Sciences Graduate Programs combine the flexibility of online courses with some campus requirements. Many of the social and behavioral sciences, such as Social Work and Psychology are human-centered, and public affairs graduate programs often require leadership training. The Hybrid learning format is often the perfect format for busy working professionals to earn their degree without leaving their current job. Sound interesting? Read on to explore the broad spectrum of Hybrid graduate programs in the Social Sciences and Public Affairs.

What is a Hybrid Program Format?

Hybrid is sometimes also called ‘partially online’, ‘flexible’, ‘blended’ or ‘low residency’. Hybrid graduate programs in public affairs social sciences have both campus and online classes. You learn at your own pace remotely as well as benefit from interacting with a personal network of students and teachers on campus in your local classes, fieldwork, intensives, or other onsite requirements. This connection with the campus experience also gives you in-person access to your college or university so you might research in the library, use the laboratories, while at the same time, benefitting from all the virtual study tools of the online course management system.

Why Choose a Hybrid Public Affairs and Social Sciences Graduate Program?

Students hoping to complete their degree in a completely online format may find there are more options for Hybrid Public Affairs and Social Sciences Graduate Programs than fully online ones. A primary reason for this is that completely online programs tend to reduce the interpersonal component of learning. If your academic discipline is human centered, such as clinical mental health counseling, there is likely to be some type of onsite requirement. Furthermore,

many of the humanities programs are brought to life through discussion, group projects and other applied work that is best completed in real time.

What types of Blended Graduate Programs in Public Affairs & Social Sciences are there?

The social sciences encompass all the academic fields that relate to the scientific study or human society and social relationships. The main social sciences include economics, political science, human geography, demography and sociology. They also encompass some fields in the humanities such as anthropology, archaeology, jurisprudence, law, psychology, history, social studies, and linguistics. Public Affairs is a sub domain in that it may incorporate any number of aspects within the larger framework of ‘social science’.

Search Tips: Getting Organized

GradSchools.com has an extensive directory of Hybrid Public Affairs and Social Sciences Programs at the master’s, doctorate and graduate certificate levels. Using the search tools is going to be helpful in pinpointing the exact graduate program for you. The basic steps are:

  1. Choose your academic subject from the directory
  2. Choose your program level (certificate, doctorate, masters)
  3. Choose the hybrid format
  4. If location is important to you, meaning you are either open to relocation, want to stay local, or have an idea of where you want to go, use the ‘by location’ settings to search by state, popular city or country.

Reviewing Hybrid Masters Programs? Some of the listings might include Experimental Psychology M/S., Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, Master of Social Work Blended Online Program, Master in Health Emergency Management and Master of Public Affairs & Social Sciences Liberal Arts & Humanities.

Browsing Partial online Doctorates? Options might include PhD in Human Development and PhD Psychology Clinical Specialization.

Looking for Blended Certificate programs? Depending on your academic subject, find listings that might include Autism Spectrum disorders Certificate.

Accreditation for Hybrid Grad Programs

Bear in mind that you are still going to want to check accreditation standards for Hybrid Public Affairs and Social Sciences Graduate programs and grad schools. Your transcript may not say ‘hybrid’ but future employers or licensing boards are likely going to check that you graduated from an ‘accredited’ institution or verified program. For instance In the case of Public Affairs Graduate Programs, you might check with NASPPA[i]

Public Administration Policy Hybrid Graduate Programs

If you want to pursue a graduate degree but have other time constraints than study, explore Hybrid Public Affairs and Social Sciences programs. They might just offer you the convenience you need to go forward!

Sources: [i] accreditation.naspaa.org

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