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Are you interested in how people behave and why? How about the impact of society on our actions? Social Psychology Graduate Programs focus on the branch of psychology that employs scientific methods to understand social interactions, including their origins and their effects on the individual. They look at a broad range of social topics, including group behavior, sexuality, leadership, prejudice and nonverbal communication.

In addition to exploring the various theories and methods of the field, many social psychology graduate programs also touch on research practices and methodology. Students might have the opportunity to not only study the latest personality psychology findings, but conduct independent studies of their own.

Why Attend Social Psychology Graduate Programs

Someone who has earned one of the social psychology degrees might be prepared for a wide range of careers. Graduates of PhD Social Psychology programs could pursue icensure as a Social Psychologist and work in a university setting, business, or government agency. Another possible career option could be in research aimed at discovering solutions to real-world problems.i

Those with a social psychology masters degree might apply their understanding of social dynamics to careers in PR and marketing, human resources management, education, business and more. As humans and society play a role in every field, the number of applications may be endless.

Types of Social Psychology Degrees

Social psychology programs can be found at three different levels. You could pursue a Social Psychology Certificate such as the Solution Focused Coaching, Graduate Certificate. Or at the Social Psychology Masters Program level, consider a MS in Social Psychology. For those looking for the highest level of study, a Doctorate in Social Psychology, like a Social Psychology PhD Program, might be a great fit.

Social Psychology Masters Programs

A masters in social psychology program is often considered the gateway to a PsyD or Phd in Psychology and licensure as a psychologist. However, increasingly, students are earning their social psychology masters degree and applying their education to other fields, such as healthcare, non profit work, business and more. Most social psychology masters programs require a bachelors degree and about two years of full time study. Students might complete an internship and thesis or research project, in addition to core and elective coursework. However, every school is different so it's best to follow up with programs individually before making your decision.

Social Psychology PhD Programs

Social psychology PhD programs are research intensive programs and award a terminal degree in the field. In addition to about two years of coursework, students typically conduct independent research into an area of interest as part of a dissertation. As a doctorate in social psychology is preparation for licensure as a practicing psychologist, many programs contain an internship component as well. Students might expect to complete their social psychology PhD program in about 4 years, depending on enrollment and the time to complete their dissertation. Check with individual programs for details.

Social Psychology Certificates

Social psychology certificates are shorter, non-degree social psychology graduate programs. These may be perfect for professionals hoping to expand their understanding of social dynamics in order to enhance their career in a different field. Some certificates in social psychology programs are designed for educators, while others are focused on personal coaching. For this reason, curriculum may vary widely, as do admission requirements. Read descriptions carefully to determine which social psychology graduate program may help you reach your goals.

Find Social Psychology Graduate Programs

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