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Industrial Organizational Psychology Online Programs help students learn to apply psychological theories and methods to organizational problems through a flexible and convenient format. Classes cover topics in both business and psychology to provide a firm foundation with which to understand and influence dynamics in the workplace. Students could learn to apply a knowledge of human behaviour to common business issues such as employee training and retention, productivity and morale, marketing and management. Students may then explore the latest in industrial psychology research and conduct their own. Or they might participate in a practicum to gain practical experience in the field.

More than ever, schools are offering flexible, online options that fit into the busy schedule of the working professional, allowing you to potentially enhance your career and deepen your IO psychology knowledge. Pursue your goals and maintain your lifestyle with an Organizational Psychology degree online.

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Why Choose Organizational Psychology Programs Online

Organizational Psychology Programs Online, sometimes referred to as business psychology, may offer many of the same benefits as traditional programs, with the added value of convenience and flexibility.

Attend Anywhere

Deciding to earn a Business Psychology degree online means that you may be able to consider programs near and far. This may not have been feasible if you had to commute to a campus. You might choose from a diversity of programs, selecting one that not only meets the needs of your busy schedule, but also one that caters to your specific interests, career goals, and experience. In such a broad field, this could be a great potential benefit. Read program descriptions, explore course lists and contact schools to find one that focuses on areas you wish to study.

Control Your Schedule

Additionally, Online Industrial Organizational Psychology Graduate Programs may allow you to have increased control over your schedule. Some program offers classes which you can complete on your own whenever and wherever works best for you. And you might have 24/7 access to support and resources such as online libraries and databases, career services and IT support. Others may have classes at set times, allowing you to still interact live with peers and professors but without the travel. Plus, some online programs may have rolling applications and start dates. This means you may be able to apply or start whenever you're ready.

Research and Practicums

It is important to note, while some programs are offered fully online, other programs may have research or practicum components that require you to travel to a local location or campus. However by earning your organizational psychology degree online, you may have more control over where and how you complete these requirements. Programs vary so follow up directly to learn more about requirements, learning formats and what support might be available to you.

What Is Industrial Organizational Psychology?

Industrial Organizational Psychology (IO Psychology) is the use psychological principles and research methods to evaluate and solve problems in the workplace. It covers not only the psychology dynamics of an organization, but also ways to use it to benefit both the individual members and the whole.i

IO psychology can be broken down into two parts. Industrial psychology applies to workers on a personal level. This could include things like employee reviews, training, hiring, safety and job design. Organizational psychology looks at the organization as a whole and how people relate.  It might focus on group and team dynamics, organizational development, change managament and the role of individual differences. The two go hand in hand to maximize overall productivity and performance.

While typically associated with business, industrial organizational psychology may be used in government organizations, community groups and schools. It also may be used by research agencies, consulting firms and in marketing. Many students in Industrial Organizational Psychology Online Programs may wish to pursue a career as an industrial organizational psychologist. Typically a masters degree is required for these positions.ii However, these programs may also be useful to those with interests in HR, consulting, business, research and academic roles.

Types of Industrial Organizational Psychology Online Programs

Just a the range of applications of industrial psychology is vast, so too are the options when pursing organizational psychology programs online. You might pursue a business psychology degree online at a variety of levels, ranging from the masters level to Ph.D. programs and graduate certificates. Some of these programs may be offered in industrial organizational psychology itself, while others may be in psychology with an emphasis on IO psychology. Both will likely cover similar topics and vary based on school structure.

Key considerations for choosing among Industrial Organizational Psychology Online Programs are the opportunities, focuses, and prerequisites. While many masters and doctorate programs may be primarily focused on research and research methods, others may look at the practical application of that research in the workplace. Some may also emphasize industrial psychology over organizational psychology, or vice versa.

Furthermore, prior education and professional experience, as well as your interests in particular specialties and concentrations may impact your choice. Programs vary, so conduct your own research and contact schools to fine a perfect Industrial Psychology online program for you.

Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology Online Programs

Organizational Behavior Masters Programs Online may offer a MA, a MS option, or the opportunity to choose between either. While MA and MS in IO psychology programs bear many similarities, there are often key differences that may help you decide which degree type may be a great option.

Online Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology programs may be research based, focusing on academic theory and methods of scientific research. These programs are often aimed toward those with an interest in pursuing research, or who wish to continue on to earn their PhD. These programs typically have a thesis requirement and may allow students to conduct their own research.

M.S. programs often focus more on practical applications of IO psychology in the workplace. This could be a great choice for those more interested in working in the field. Many have a practicum requirement, giving students an opportunity for hands on learning.

Masters in Organizational Psychology programs typically take two years of full time study to complete. Most schools request that students have a bachelors degree, often in psychology or a related field. However some programs may accept students from all backgrounds as long as they complete introductory classes. Schools vary.

PhD Industrial Organizational Psychology Online Programs

Many Online PhD Programs in Industrial Organizational Psychology are research oriented and require a dissertation for graduation. Candidates of these programs may aim to go on to academic roles, research and thought leadership, or consulting positions. Other doctorate programs may focus instead on application in the workplace. Typically programs require a masters degree for entry and may take 4 to 7 years to complete.

Chances to participate in academic research may be an important consideration when selecting an online Ph.D. program in industrial-organizational psychology. Online programs may offer flexibility by giving the candidate more control over setting up these research opportunities. Others may be only partially online, giving you the benefit of the campus environment and resources to organize these opportunities in addition to the flexibility of the online program. Contact schools to learn more.

Graduate Organizational Behavior Certificate Programs Online

Graduate Organizational Psychology Certificate Programs Online are non-degree programs that may allow you to explore IO psychology in a shorter period of time. Earning graduate certificates may be ideal for the working professional who wishes to increase his or her expertise. Many of these programs are more narrowly focused, allowing you to choose one that is most suited to your career goals and interests. Others may be more general, acting as an introduction to the field without the longer time committment.

Some Graduate Certificate Industrial Organizational Psychology Online Programs are oriented toward individuals who have already completed a masters degree. Others may be available to those with bachelors degrees and professional experience. Contact schools to learn more.

Find Organizational Psychology Programs Online

Interested in Industrial Organizational Psychology Online Programs, but not sure where to start? Let GradSchools.com help! You can begin by browsing the list on this page. Or, using the menu, simply select the appropriate program type (masters, doctorate, or certificate) to begin filtering online programs according to your needs. Once you have your custom list of options, click the links to begin reading up on each program. Then contact schools using the on page form. Soon you may be well on your way to earning your organizational psychology degree online!

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