Online Forensic Psychology Graduate Degrees

For working professionals and people who depend on distance education, forensic psychology grad programs online might be a perfect fit. Flexible and accessible programming may help students who want to learn about the cross-section between law and psychology and how psychology influences and prevents criminal behavior do so on their own time and from the location of their choice. By eliminating the need to travel to and from campus, find parking, and attend classes at specific times, many people—you included—might be able to earn an advanced, graduate-level certificate or degree. Here is a perfect place to get started on your forensic psychology graduate programs online!

Types of Forensic Psychology Graduate Programs Online

Forensic psychology graduate programs online are available at three levels.

As you’re looking at options for forensic psychology grad programs online, consider the following:

  • You may pursue your certificate or degree entirely online or mostly online. Some programs might require you to attend classes on campus once per semester, once per year, or once per program. Others might not require you to set foot on campus at all.
  • Some programs might allow you to access your online coursework at any time. Others may require you to log in at specific times to learn alongside your classmates. Similarly, some programs might allow you to complete courses at your own pace. Others may require you to adhere to a course’s specific schedule.
  • Master’s and doctorate programs in forensic psychology might require students to complete an internship, externship, or practicum. As an online student, you could complete one in your home town upon approval from your program’s director.

When you’re comparing online forensic psychology grad programs, keep these potential differences in mind, as well as your personal goals. Browse the listings below to find an option that may truly meet your needs for online learning!

Forensic Psychology Grad Programs: In the Online Classroom

Many online programs mirror on-campus ones but have been adjusted to fit a digital delivery and format. You’ll likely study many of the same subjects as students in an on-campus forensic psychology graduate program would. For example:

  • Abnormal, criminal, and developmental psychology
  • Psychological profiling
  • Psychopathology
  • Theories and perspectives in criminal justice and criminal behavior
  • Psychology and the law, justice, and the legal system
  • Consultation and testimony
  • Interrogation and interviewing
  • Evaluation and treatment of offenders
  • Human memory
  • Multicultural and cross-cultural psychology

You might learn about these subjects, and how they apply across forensic psychology settings (such as homeland security, corrections, social services, law enforcement, and other legal, governmental, social services, or client services based organizations), through video, chats, digital documents, blog posts, and other online technologies. You could then discuss what you’ve learned with classmates through social media, video conferencing, and program interfaces. Your online program could be highly interactive and community-oriented.

Accreditation of Forensic Psychology Online Graduate Programs

When you’re considering forensic psychology programs online, it’s important to consider whether or not your desired online school is accredited. If you plan to transfer your online credits to a more advanced degree program (say from a certificate program into a master’s degree program, or a master’s degree program into a doctorate degree program), you may need to have attended an accredited school. You might also need a certificate or degree from an accredited school if you plan to apply for professional certification or licensure. You can learn more about accreditation and check to see if the school of your choice is accredited through the U.S. Department of Education.

Take the Next Step

By all means, if you’re career and life are calling you to advance your education, do so! Forensic psychology grad programs online may make it possible.

To explore certificate, master’s degree, and doctorate degree online options, click on the designated links on this page. Then, browse through your program options and contact programs for additional information.

You can also explore online programs by city, state, or country. Why does location matter for a forensic psychology degree online? Perhaps your program requires a campus visit. Or maybe you plan to move to a specific area once you’ve earned your degree. Or perhaps you want to attend a specific school in a certain state. Any of these possibilities may influence you to explore online programs by location.

Studying forensic psychology through an online format may be the perfect way to grow your knowledge and experience without having to change where you live, the hours you work, or even out of your pajamas (perhaps the greatest benefit of online programming!). Begin your exploration now.

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