Chicago Online Graduate Programs in Developmental Psychology

Online Developmental Psychology Graduate programs could enable students to conveniently study the human lifespan. Students typically survey the psychology of human life span development which includes intellectual, social and emotional aspects of the normal individual

Types of Online Developmental Psychology Graduate Programs

Universities with Online Developmental Psychology Graduate programs may offer Masters and PhD programs as well as Certificates. Most curriculums blend independent research with coursework and may encourage a student to select a concentration.

What Does a Developmental Psychologist Study During Developmental Psychology Online Graduate Programs?

Online students who pursue studies in developmental psych may examine all aspects of the human growth process from birth through old age. Developmental psychology is defined as the scientific study of how and why humans change over the course of their life.

Within developmental psychology, some students might choose to focus their studies in a specific area to address or treat issues and support growth. These areas include childhood, adulthood and old age. Some of the many issues that these programs discuss might include topics such as the examples provided below.

  • Motor skill development
  • Language acquisition
  • Emotional maturation
  • The emergence of self-awareness and self-concept
  • Cognitive changes
  • Social and cultural influences
  • Personality evolution
  • Moral reasoning
  • Developmental challenges or learning disabilities

Interested in Child Psychology Development Programs online? A focus on child psychology examines the changes from infancy to adolescence. Child psychology often aims to understand normative development so that professionals could spot problems. Therefore, some child psychology programs may include coursework devoted to early intervention or treatment.

40% of Applied Behavior Science Specialist (ABSS) report they have post-doctoral training, 27% a Masters degree and 25% a Doctorate degree.i

Application Information for Developmental Psychology Online Programs

Applicants may need a Bachelors degree with a 3.0 GPA for some Online Developmental Psychology Masters Programs, and may need a Masters degree for some PhD programs. Other requirements tend to vary. For instance, students may need to furnish the material itemized below along with a completed application. Make sure to refer to individual schools for details.

  • Transcripts
  • Resume
  • Personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation

Online Masters in Developmental Psychology Programs

Masters in Developmental Psychology online programs could feature courses about how children learn, play and acquire motor skills. Typically offered as a Master of Science (MS), there are several variations of the degree to weigh against personal and professional goals.

Online MS in Psychology – Child and Adolescent Development

Students who pursue an online MS in Psychology may choose to pursue focused studies in child and adolescent development. This emphasis might specifically address the prenatal to puberty years. Students might study to learn about all the changes that occur in physical, mental, social and educational spheres at these stages.

Curriculums could involve some compulsory psychology coursework which often includes tests and measurements. For instance, students may learn to use measuring devices of intelligence, interests, personality, and aptitudes.

Other core topics could help students critically assess and consume research. There is usually a class in research design to enable learners to examine and apply quantitative research techniques.

Emphasis courses could provide more depth in the following areas.

  • Human Prenatal Development –brain development in fetal life, genetics
  • Lifespan Development – milestones from infancy to adulthood
  • Child Psychology - how children develop physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually
  • Adolescent Psychology - physical, psychosocial, emotional, sexual, moral, and cognitive changes
  • Ethics and Issues in Psychology- ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and gender, and their influences

A final Masters project or thesis may be required. Through this work, learners might develop their ability to propose new and original research, write and apply for grants, and adhere to ethical standards. They could also study to articulate diversity and individual variables in psychology and to explain psychology concepts.

Online MS in Professional Counseling – Childhood and Adolescence Disorders

An online MS in Professional Counseling with a focus in childhood and adolescence disorders could meld courses in behavioral health with counseling theories and practices. Graduates of some programs may be prepared to pursue national certification and licensure as a counselor.

Curriculums delve into areas of human growth and development as well as specific counseling techniques for child abuse, crisis and trauma. Students may also receive instruction in research methods, development disorders and evaluation of mental and emotional status.

Compulsory courses may discuss behavioral and cognitive health problems. For instance, a course in psychopharmacology might examine the various effects of psychoactive substance use. Students might learn to recognize the symptoms of intoxication, withdrawal and toxicity. A sample of other core topics follows.

  • Group Counseling Theory and Practice – ethical standards and group processes
  • Social and Cultural Diversity Issues - factors as age, race, religious preference, physical disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity and culture, family patterns
  • Human Sexuality and Aging – Sexual development, sexuality and elder abuse
  • Human Growth and Development - Theories of individual and family development, personality
  • Spousal and Child Abuse – spousal or partner abuse assessment, detection, and intervention strategies

Some childhood counseling degree programs may conclude with practicum and internship experiences. This supervised fieldwork often aims to increase knowledge base and enhance counseling skills for diverse real-world settings.

Online PhD in Developmental Psychology Programs

Online PhD in Developmental Psychology Programs may enable students to gain and apply advanced knowledge of human growth and development across the lifespan. Participants may gain a broad base of knowledge associated with lifespan development, policy, and advocacy

In general, doctoral students may explore current theories, research and practices in human development to promote positive change in the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

As a terminal research degree, a PhD often entails a full spectrum of courses and independent research. For instance, students may learn about the interaction between cognitive, physical, emotional, social, health, and cultural aspects of development. They may also learn how to parlay this knowledge into helpful strategies to assist others overcome critical challenges.

Some programs not only discuss theories, but may also shed light on some of today’s important topics. These could range from the consequences of the digital age to issues faced by the LGTBQ community, children and the elderly.

An online PhD in Developmental Psychology curriculum could feature several components as students ultimately aim to contribute original insight to their field via research and a dissertation.

Candidates could therefore take a number of courses oriented to research methods, analysis of data and doctoral level writing. For instance, a course in quantitative analysis typically covers statistical concepts and software along with tools to interpret and present results. A course in qualitative reasoning could help students collect and organize data.

Aside from this, students may acquire behavior analysis skills. Applied behavior analysis is a set of abilities used in the assessment and treatment of individuals with a variety of behavioral problems and developmental delays. This includes autism spectrum disorders.

Other samples courses could draw from the examples below.

  • Social and Emotional Development – normal and abnormal development, interaction, relationships
  • Language and Cognitive Development - problem solving, decision making, and creativity
  • Theories of Developmental Psychology - psychoanalytic, behaviorist, cognitive, social, and ecological
  • Developmental Psychopathology – assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of disorders and disruptive behaviors
  • Diversity in Child/Adolescent Development – areas such as gender, culture, language, disability, and sexual orientation and how they influence developmental and learning needs

Another possible element of a PhD curriculum are electives. These draw from university offerings, so one could expect them to differ from school to school. Topics such as women’s health, children and adolescent health and geriatric psychology are a few examples.

Subsequent to coursework, PhD candidates may take exams, then enter their research study. The research study is used to explore a specific area of interest and is usually undertaken with some guidance.

Within some PhD programs, students may have the option to pursue a concentration. Child and adolescent development, adulthood and aging, and lifespan are some examples.

Child and Adolescent Development emphasis: A focus in Child and Adolescent Development may suit learners who want to understand the theories and explore the research associated with child and adolescent development.

Studies generally cover the periods from conception through puberty. Learners might develop a deeper grasp of the various physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and moral developments.

As they study these changes in infants, children, and adolescents, they may look for different links. For instance, they might seek to know how those developments relate to families, society, education, social services, and health care.

Adulthood and Aging emphasis: A focus in Adulthood and Aging emphasis may be appreciated by learners who are drawn to explore the theories and research associated with adulthood and aging.

Studies might specifically analyze the diverse physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and moral changes in adulthood. Students might be curious to find answers to how those developments relate to family, career/work society, social services, and health care.

Lifespan emphasis: A focus on Lifespan may draw students interested in the theories and research associated with changes from conception through later adulthood. Learners might examine the physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and moral evolvement to see how these developments relate to families, career/work society, education, social services, and health care.

Online Graduate Certificates in Developmental Psychology

Students who want a shorter and targeted education in developmental psychology might pursue an online Graduate Certificate. Some online Graduate Certificates in Developmental Psychology draw content from a university’s Masters level program. Others may be suitable as add-ons to a Masters degree.

Each certificate typically addresses a singular theme. Therefore, students could pursue a certificate to potentially build expertise. Or, where possible, transfer credits to a Masters degree later. Some schools thus do offer certificates for degree and non-degree seekers.

Due to the fewer course requirements, students might be able to complete their certificate in about one year full time. However, because they may need to undergo supervised field experience, this could vary. As with many online programs, students might complete coursework remotely, but may find placements nearer to their home location.

Online Certificate Program in Applied Behavior Analysis

An online ABA certificate might prepare graduates to sit for the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) examination to work towards a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) credential. Applicants typically need to have a Masters degree in behavior analysis or a school-approved, related major.

Applied Behavior Analysis is a natural science discipline devoted to study and improve human behavior. Aside from theory, curriculums typically include a class in assessment and intervention strategies. Students are also likely to have practicum requirements in a school-approved location.

Online Graduate Certificate in Child and Adolescent Psychology

Online students in the Child and Adolescent Psychology certificate program could learn various ways to young people who struggle with mental health issues and other challenges. From peer pressure, body image, drugs and alcohol, to parental divorce, sexuality and trauma, this period of life could necessitate special consideration.

Curriculums might include topics as psychopathology and behavior disorders, crisis intervention, and evidence-based programs for children and adolescents. Graduates could therefore be versed in some of the biological, psychological, and social factors that impact mental health.

In tandem, they could learn some of the practical solutions to help these age groups move towards wellness. children and adolescents’ mental health while learning to develop practical approaches to well-being for this young population.

Why Study Developmental Psychology Online?

Online Developmental Psychology Graduate programs could enable students to earn a degree with the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere.

Some programs may be planned-out as completely self-paced. Students complete their assignments on their own schedule within a session, and may move quickly or slowly, without preset due dates coursework.

In other formats, students progress through various units. A unit might consist of readings, discussions, and other activities that students may be expected to complete throughout the week. Assignments might, for instance, be due on Sundays, though not every course might require an assignment each week.

While many online programs are just that – web based – it does not mean they are entirely free of campus requirements. Some PhD programs for instance, may entail a few residencies throughout their duration.

Residencies are sometimes there to provide hands-on experiences (E.g. role play), supervision, orientation, and/or interaction. Ultimately, they could serve to enhance the otherwise independence of online study.

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