Iowa Cognitive Psychology Graduate Schools and Cognitive Psych Grad Programs

Campus based cognitive psychology graduate programs help students understand the human mental process by evaluating how a stimulus (input) results in a response (output).Cognitive psychology is a goal-oriented and problem-focused discipline. Students can choose from campus based master’s degree programs in cognitive psychology, campus based doctorate programs in cognitive psychology, or campus based graduate certificate program in cognitive psychology.

Campus based cognitive psychology degree programs might suit students whose learning is enhanced by face to face contact with professors and other students. There are many campus based cognitive psychology graduate programs available throughout the country and the world. Search for them on

Some common coursework in a cognitive psychology or cognitive neuropsychology graduate degree program might include; perception, brain damage and the mind, human memory and cognition, analogy and similarity, and images of cognition.

Some cognitive psychology degree programs may require students to complete a thesis or dissertation based on original research.Explore your cognitive psychology degree options on

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