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Applied Behavior Analysis - ABA online programs address the science-based study of how people learn and behave. ABA therapists use their knowledge and special skill sets to help patients who have development disabilities, autism or other challenges modify their behavior in positive and adaptive ways.

Why Consider ABA Online Programs?

Many ABA online programs prepare students to take Board-Certified Behavior Analyst® exams. To be eligible for ABA certification, students need to have first earned a Masters or Doctoral degree in behavior analysis, education or psychology from an accredited university. From there, they are required to take and successfully pass, board exams. In some states, licensure may also be necessary.

Flexible Study Option

Online students may have more flexibility to schedule their time since they don’t commute to a physical classroom. Instead, they work inside a course management system. Here, they complete assignments but also, in most ABA online programs, interact with instructors and classmates. There are due dates for assignments, but students might log in to the course management system at their convenience.


The most common occupations for Applied Behavior Analysis majors, by number of employees, are Counselors, Social Workers, Elementary and Middle School Teachers.i

Applied Behavior Analysis Online Programs Information

Conveniently Pursue ABA Certification Online

Online BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) programs prepare students with course material requirements that are set by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)®.ii Busy adult learners may access coursework through live, online classes and/or self-paced content. Plus, they may log in anyplace they have an internet connection. This may provide some flexibility to students who have to juggle work, family, or other lifestyle demands.

Take Online ABA Courses

Coursework for ABA training online programs may mix theory, research and practice. BACB content covers the areas listed below. i

  • Ethical and professional conduct
  • Concepts and principles of behavior analysis
  • Measurement and data analysis
  • Experimental design
  • Identification of Problems
  • Behavior Change
  • Implementation, management, supervision
  • Discretionary hours

Virtual Residency

While program formats vary a great deal, some programs offer a virtual residency where students all log in at the same time. In these sessions, they may take part in group and individual mentoring. Students may also be expected to come to campus for supervised practice or group work. 

Structured Research

Some applied behavior analysis degree online programs focus on research as opposed to practice. Courses may address psychological theories and assessment, psychopathology and research methods. While online universities may have inter-library loan systems with other colleges, students often make use of their school’s online digital resources, databases and librarians.

Complete a Practicum in Your Community

All course work may be offered online; however, the practicum experience requires placement in a university-approved agency where the student provides counseling services under supervision. Where applicable, students should find out how they might complete this required experience(s) locally.

Types of Online ABA Programs

Applied behavior analysis has its roots and theoretical base in the discipline of psychology. As a result, some online ABA graduate programs may prepare students to pursue a career as licensed psychologists, while others, for counseling professions. There are also Master of Education degrees in Behavior Analysis that may be of interest to current and future special education teachers or school counselors. The path that you choose often reflects goals, interests and educational background.

ABA Masters Programs Online

An ABA Master's Programs Online may provide students with a solid base in the principles of behavioral psychology. Some programs offer ABA as a concentration within a Mental Health Counseling degree program. In this event, there are typically core counseling courses plus Applied Behavior Analysis track courses. Others (board certified behavior analyst online Masters programs) follow a specific 18 credit course sequence. Students might also find a program where they take ABA courses as a non-degree optional elective sequence.

  • Apply: Future applicants are commonly required to have earned a Bachelors degree from a regionally accredited school. Also, many schools want students to write an essay that explains why they want to study this discipline, and their goals as they move forward
  • Length: Full time students may be able to complete an online MS – ABA program in two years; or three to four years part-time
  • Coursework: ABA Masters programs that are aligned with Board Certified Behavior Analyst® requirements may entail supervised practice and a Masters thesis. The thesis is often an applied project and may be a good idea for students who want to pursue a PhD in the future

Doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis Online Programs

Online PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis programs take the study of human behavior to the next level. Students may develop a solid grasp of experimental analysis of behavior, applied behavior analysis and radical behaviorism. In some schools, graduates who complete their MS in ABA requirements while in the PhD program may be able to pursue Board Certified Behavior Analyst® status.

  • Apply: While it does depend on both the school and the PhD program, applicants may need to have earned a Masters degree in Psychology, Education, Behavior Analysis or another related degree recognized by the BACB.® Further, they may be required to hold a current BCBA® certification, furnish letters of reference, a personal essay and resume
  • Length: Full time students may be able to complete an online PhD –ABA program in three years (post-Masters); or five years full time (post-Baccalaureate)
  • Coursework: Students who pursue a Doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis online may gain experience in instructional design and verbal behavior. They may also acquire research skills and methods to teach with precision.
  • Dissertation: Doctoral students in ABA online programs may be required to complete a dissertation in which they contribute original thought and research to the field

Online Graduate Certificates in Applied Behavior Analysis

Online Graduate Certificates in Applied Behavior Analysis, while not degrees themselves, may provide advanced skills and knowledge to current counselors, educators, and other professionals. Some programs may prepare graduates to sit for one of the BCBA® certification examination sponsored by the BACB®. Other certificates might explore things like communication or consumer behavior and market research.

  • Apply: Applicants to some Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate programs may need to have earned a graduate degree in special education, psychology, mental health, ABA or related fields. Aside from this, there may be school-specific requirements that must be furnished such as a minimum GPA
  • Length: Full time online students might complete their program in about one year
  • Coursework: Programs that meet the BCBA® approved course requirements may be 18 credits, while others may require about 24 credits. It depends on whether they meet the BACB requirement for a total of 270 classroom contact hours
  • Practicum: In some cases, in addition to coursework, there may be a 1,500-hour BACB® required fieldwork experience, 75 hours of which must be supervised

Find Accredited ABA Online Programs

Students may find ABA online graduate programs at regionally accredited universities. While the BACB® preapproves university ABA training that meets its eligibility requirements, it does not accredit university programs.

Take the Next Step

Easily compare online BCBA programs and other behavior analysis-focused Master's, PhD and Certificates. Choose your degree level to refine your search results. Then, all you do is fill out a request for more information. Some universities with online Applied Behavior Analysis graduate programs have multiple start dates. The next one may be around the corner so take the next step now!

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