California Campus Military Graduate Programs & Military Graduate Schools

Enrolling in a campus-based military graduate program is often the first step in moving up the military ranks. If you are an active employee of the military, you may want to learn more about obtaining a military degree from a military graduate school.

You can expect to learn leadership skills and critical thinking strategies from the broad liberal arts education that is often part of the military graduate curriculum. Once you enroll in a nearby military graduate program, you will likely take courses emphasizing history, philosophy and political science. 

A simple location search can be performed to determine where Campus-Based Military Graduate Programs are offered. has tabs so you can enter a city, state or country and see what this yeilds. You can also filter your search by degree for Masters Programs in the military or consider a Graduate Certificate in military studies. The Campus Master of Arts in Military Studies is the primary military graduate degree offered to students, however your search will lead other results to browse through. 

A campus-based program can put you in contact with other students and professors who are passionate about the military and its benefits. A campus-based military graduate program can also offer you the benefits of the college experience and the chance to partake in extracurricular activities.


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