Maryland On-Campus Meteorology Graduate Programs & Meteorology Degrees

On-campus meteorology graduate programs prepare students to work in the field of weather and the climate. Meteorologists are not just on television. A meteorology graduate degree offers training in the scientific study of weather and the ways weather affects our lives, economy, and food supply. Some meteorology graduate programs also offer opportunities to study the atmosphere, climate change, and air quality. There are many exciting careers for individuals who hold a meteorology degree.

There are on-campus meteorology grad schools around the world where students can earn an atmospheric science degree or a meteorology degree. In these graduate meteorology programs, students study the science of weather patterns, the impact of weather on the natural and human world, and public policy related to the climate. Many on campus degrees offer specialization in the study of the atmosphere, blending physics, math, and climate, and often approach the field from a global perspective that gives students opportunities to venture beyond their native countries.

At the certificate level, you can find on-campus Meteorology Graduate Certificates and on-campus Astronomy Graduate Certificates. At the masters level, you’ll find on-campus Master in Natural Resources Sciences and Master of Atmospheric Sciences degrees. At the doctorate level, browse on-campus Doctorate of Meteorology and Doctorate of Atmospheric Sciences degrees. Depending on the level you want to study, filter your search to find all available programs and locations. You may even want to study abroad, so you can search for international locations that bring you to a new and exciting corner of the earth!

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