Hybrid Athletic Training Graduate Programs, Schools & Degrees

A love of sports, athleticism, and the regenerative abilities of the human body might mean you should seriously consider either a hybrid athletic training graduate program or a hybrid sports medicine graduate program. Low residency athletic training graduate programs help to get a student ready to enter a career path in athletic training—assessing, treating, and rehabilitation athletes. Since an athlete’s body is heavily tied to their livelihood, athletic trainers are an important part of the training and competitive process, working with athletes to avoid injury and to recover when it happens.

Pinpoint your search for a low residency sports medicine grad program and you’ll find degrees at the masters level, such as MEd Masters of Athletic Administration degrees, Masters of Athletic Training degrees, and Masters of Science in Exercise degrees. You’ll also find more advanced degrees, like a Doctor of Athletic Training degree, a Doctorate of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology degree, and a Doctorate of Exercise Science/Biomechanics & Sports Medicine degree.

A hybrid learning program is the best of both worlds—the convenience and flexibility of an online program combined with the peer and professor relationships with those who are also passionate about sports medicine. Whatever path you choose to earn your athletic training graduate degree, start your search today!

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