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Hybrid photography graduate programs prepare students to work in fields that require photographic skills and do so with coursework offered in the classroom and online. In these blended classroom environments, photography graduate programs offer students training in the theory, history, and practice of photography and photographic technology—lighting, sets, scanning equipment, labs, and digital imagery. Schools with photography programs provide the kind of skills necessary for working with images not only in the artistic world but in the commercial sector as well.  Graduates of photography programs may be prepared to work in marketing departments, documentary making, and journalism. A career path in photojournalism may bring a graduate around the world and back.

There are different kinds of photography graduate schools. The many programs offer Hybrid Masters of Fine Arts with an emphasis on photography, though there are more specialized programs such as photojournalism, social documentation, and digital photography. With hybrid courses, students can study with faculty and other students in an artistic community but also have the flexibility of doing some coursework online. Many programs can be done with part-time or full-time studies. Photography graduate schools offer many options for students to explore their interests and work towards their career goals. It is easy to explore a photography graduate degree in any of these areas.

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