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Online PharmD programs can help prepare students interested in pursuing a career as a pharmacist. Pharmacists today are integral members of the health care system, helping ensure patients receive the best possible care. Pursuing a degree online can help provide flexibility in completing a program.  Most PharmD programs are not offered exclusively online, but there are a few, especially the non-traditional pharmd programs online aimed at those already in practice.

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Pharmacy degree programs online incorporate many subjects including anatomy, biology, chemistry and physiology. Where in the past pharmacists may have been viewed as providers of drug products, today they are specialists in drug therapy who can help catch problems early and improve patient outcomes.

The online PharmD is a postgraduate professional degree. Some students may choose to pursue clinical research with their online pharm d degree programs rather than patient care. Some students may also complete residencies after earning a pharmd degree in order to accelerate their learning and as a requirement for certain types of positions such as a hospital pharmacist.

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