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On-campus pharmacology graduate programs train students for careers in the healthcare and pharmacology industry. Graduate programs in pharmacology prepare professionals to work in pharmacies, drug development and testing, hospitals, and development, testing, management, and marketing divisions in pharmaceutical companies. With field experience and a degree, graduates may also be able to teach at the university level. With a degree from a graduate school pharmacology program, you may develop the knowledge and skills to work in the field of pharmacology.

There are different kinds of pharmacology programs at universities. Find the right local college campus Graduate Program in Pharmacology for you by filtering our result by degree, campus, and location. Search for Doctorate Degrees in Pharmacology such as campus Doctorate of Molecular and Systems Pharmacology, or Doctor of Pharmacy PharmD. on campus. Or review campus Masters Degrees in Pharmacology such as Pharmacology, MBA/MSP or medicinal chemistry graduate programs. Just getting started, research campus based graduate certificates in pharmacology.

Campus classes enable students to benefit from directly working with other students and faculty directly, on either a part-time or full-time basis. Many programs offer specializations in areas such as management, marketing, clinical studies, and medicinal chemistry. A graduate degree from a pharmacology graduate school may also prepare you for working in a pharmacy (which can include coursework for accreditation) or offer an educational track to teach in various settings. Best of all, you choose a pharmacology graduate program to meet your career goals.

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