San Diego Theater and Drama Graduate Programs & Graduate Schools

Theater graduate programs help students prepare for careers in drama, whether that means acting, directing, or teaching. Theater and drama enrich lives and connect the audience to the universal human condition. But on a more practical level, theater can prepare you for leadership, communication, and public speaking that could benefit you in other areas of your life. In fact, some theater and drama students pursue careers unrelated to their major but find they gained confidence and people skills through their theatre education graduate programs.  

Acting degrees vary in areas of focus. You could earn a master’s or even a PhD in theater and drama. Do a search to see what kinds of programs are out there, like Acting, Theater Studies, Directing, and more. You may discover something you never considered, like a Master’s degree in Costume Design.

Graduate theater programs may be available at a variety of colleges and universities, close to home or across the country! A search by location could help you narrow down the graduate drama programs you want to consider, whether you are willing to move far away or you prefer to learn from the comfort of home. Be sure to carefully research your options to find the acting degree or graduate drama program that is the best fit for your interests and goals!

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