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Theatre graduate programs help students prepare for careers in drama, whether that means acting, directing, or teaching. Theater and drama enrich lives and connect the audience to the universal human condition.

But on a more practical level, graduate programs in theatre could help you develop leadership, communication, and public speaking skills which may benefit you in other areas of life. In fact, some theater and drama students pursue careers unrelated to their major but find they gained confidence and people skills through their theatre graduate programs. The lessons learned while earning a theatre graduate degree might be useful in industries like business, politics, communications, public affairs and more.

Types of Graduate Programs in Theatre

Theatre graduate programs explore the many components of theatre such as acting, directing, playwriting, scenography and technical theatre. They are available at the masters, doctorate and certificate level.

Some theatre programs are general in nature and touch on several components of drama. Other theater graduate programs may focus on of a specific area, allowing students to more closely align their coursework with an interest or goal.

Graduate programs in theatre also may differ in their approach. Some are practitioner oriented, designed for those looking to practice their craft directly. Others are considered academic and therefore may more closely explore theories or the history of the art.

The areas of focus and approaches of various graduate programs in theatre may impact curriculum, requirements and more. For that reason, it's important to read the descriptions and course lists carefully.

Masters Theater Programs

One of the most popular types of graduate programs in theatre are Masters Theater programs. These are typically found either as MA or MFA theatre programs and may allow students to further explore theatre theory and hone their craft.

Typically it takes a full time student 2 years to earn a masters degree in theatre. Masters in theatre programs may also require a bachelors degree and a minimum GPA to apply. Schools vary.

PhD in Theatre Programs

Those more interested in research and teaching at the post-secondary level might consider a PhD in theater and drama. These are often research heavy programs and may require the completion of coursework and a final dissertation.

Most doctorate level graduate programs in theatre require a masters degree and some related experience. Program length may vary between 3-6 years, depending on enrollment, experience and program design. Contact schools to learn more.

Graduate Certificates in Theatre

Graduate certificates offer a non-degree option for those interested in graduate level study. These are typically shorter, concentrated theatre graduate programs and may allow students to brush up on new skills or explore a particular area of interest.

Most theatre graduate certificates require a bachelors degree and include masters level coursework. Credits may even be later transferable to a theatre masters program. Talk with an admission advisor to learn more.

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