District of Columbia Campus Theater and Drama Graduate Programs & Graduate Schools

Theater and drama help diverse people to connect through a shared love of theater arts. If you’re considering a graduate theater program, you’re likely excited about pursuing career areas that allow you to work closely with others – like acting, directing, or theater education. Campus-based graduate theater programs are often rewarding because they offer opportunities to grow close to peers and learn from seasoned drama professionals.

If you’re interested in graduate acting degrees, you may find options close to home or around the world. Take the time to search for programs in your preferred location. You can filter by state and city to locate programs that suit your needs. Imagine the experience of learning about the art of theater in New York City, London, or another of the world’s theater capitals! A benefit of a campus-based program is the opportunity to soak up local culture.

You can also opt to filter by degree level, such as graduate certificate, master’s degree, or doctorate degree. For example, check out Master’s Degrees in Performing Arts or a Certificate in Theater and Drama. There are theatre education graduate programs to meet a variety of needs, so get started on your search!

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