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Graduate music programs prepare students for careers in the field of music across a myriad of different types of industries. Graduate degrees in music offer training in the theory, history, and practice of music. By examining the best music graduate programs for your interest, you can start on a path to pursue a career working as a musician and with musicians in the commercial, artistic, and educational worlds. After you choose a must graduate program to study at a music graduate school, there are opportunities to work in education, music instruction, theater and opera, and music production, to name a few of the many exciting careers in music.

The Different Kinds of Graduate Music Programs

There are different kinds of music grad schools. Depending on the university, you can choose courses in online, hybrid, or on-campus courses and study part-time or full-time. Graduate programs in music offer graduate certificates (Graduate Certificate in Music World Culture – Ethnomusicology), masters programs in music (Master of Music Composition for the Screen MFA), or doctorate level programs (Doctorate of Music: Composition and Theory or Musicology). One of the more important considerations in the selection of a music graduate school is matching your interests with the music graduate school’s specializations, which can include music composition and theory, ethnomusicology, music therapy, and more. No matter what path you choose, music graduate schools offer many options for students to explore their interests and achieve their career goals.

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You can find the best music graduate programs for your career goals by using our filters to search by location, degree type and specialization or you can search for music degrees online. Start today to learn more about the different options in music graduate programs at accredited colleges and universities!

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