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Hybrid music graduate programs are designed to prepare students to work in the music industry through a mixture of online learning and on-campus, low residency experience. One benefit of the best music graduate schools that offer hybrid courses is that with this type of music program, you get the networking and social experience of attending an on-campus classes while being able to do some of your studying online at your own pace. Hybrid music graduate schools offer students a number of different paths to achieve their career goals in the field of music.

There are different kinds of music graduate schools with hybrid classes, but on campus classes mean you will be part of a learning community that includes students and faculty. You will have the flexibility to do some of your coursework online and most graduate programs in music offer both part and full time studies. Graduate schools in music offer hybrid masters degree programs, such as a hybrid MA in Music: Instrumental Conducting Concentration or a hybrid Masters in Music Therapy. It is always wise to select a music graduate school with the area of specialization you are interested in. Popular areas of music specialization in graduate schools in music include music composition and theory, ethnomusicology, music therapy, and more. No matter what you choose, hybrid music graduate schools offer many options for students to explore their interests and achieve their career goals.

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