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What Is Organizational Leadership and Management?

Organizational leadership aims to foster positive leadership in students, covering areas including collaboration, communication, conflict management, and other strategies you might be able to employ to help your team succeed. You might even be able to find a program that allows you to study skills and theories relevant to your specific type of organization or professional role.

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What is an Organizational Leadership Degree Program?

An organizational leadership degree program, available both online and on campus, focus on important topics to help you lead your team in an effective, healthy way.

Organizational leadership graduate programs, also sometimes referred to as organizational development programs, focus on effective leadership at all levels. Students study how to manage teams and make strategic decisions that could impact the organization as a whole.

To reflect the ever changing world of leadership, programs cover a wide range of topics and may even be available with an area of focus. Some organizational leadership programs are tailored to specific industries or careers. Others offer a general overview so that students could prepare to lead in any setting.

Popular Programs in Organizational Leadership in Seattle

ProgramInstitutionDegree Awarded
MS in Organization Development and LeadershipSaint Joseph's UniversityMS

Those with an organizational leadership degree might use their knowledge to impact an organization's culture, the productivity of a company, and the strength of a team as a whole.

This could enhance a career at any level, even if you don’t currently hold a formal leadership position. By studying effective teamwork, developing empathy for others, and learning new strategies to make decisions, you might hone the skills you need to be a better team player.

What is Risk Management?

Risk management is a subset of organization leadership that focuses on identifying current and future risk to an organization. This then leads to the creation of strategies to manage these risks.

These techniques may be useful in a variety of industries and at many levels of an organization. Risk managers might guide financial decisions, oversee accounting procedures, or be involved with legal departments, insurance, or governance. And those are only a few options.

Risk management uses statistics, processes, and standards to make and guide decisions. As such, Risk Management Graduate Programs teach data analysis and assessment techniques. You could also explore frameworks for analysis, compliance, and general decision-making. Contact schools for a full course list.

What Organizational Leadership Degree Courses Would I Take?

An Organizational Leadership degree may take a variety of approaches to topics such as HR, strategic decision-making, and the psychology of the workplace. Some might cover management in specific industries like healthcare, education, or non-profit organizations. Others may focus on certain roles, such as within a human resources department or as a project manager. However most do share a common goal: to prepare students to lead teams to success.

Example topics covered in organizational leadership courses may include the following.

Conflict Management

Conflict is an inescapable part of people working together. Here, you may study the psychology behind conflict and develop strategies to manage it in a healthy and effective way.

Business Ethics

Workplace leaders could be responsible for making decisions that guide the company as a whole. As such, leadership programs may examine ethics and business law to guide that process.

Organizational Behavior

You might be in charge of leading your team, but do you know why your teams members act the way they do? Organizational leadership courses might study the psychology behind how individuals and groups function. Courses may also look at strategies to encourage a productive workplace.

Change Management

Study how to guide your team through change, both large scale and small. You could explore theories, research, and processes to help teams adjust.

Online Organizational Leadership Programs That Could Be Completed in 15 Months or Less

University# of Credits RequiredStart DatesMinimum Months to Complete# of Courses
Southern New Hampshire University365 Starts Through the Year1512
Northcentral University3052 Starts Through the Year1610
Walden University39N/A2413

Potential Additional Factors to Consider

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. Your specific courses may vary, influenced by a variety of factors. This could include whether your program includes a specialization, the types of students it is designed for, your preference, and other details. Follow up with programs directly for more information.

There is one important note to remember when choosing between organizational leadership graduate programs. Some may be designed to accommodate working professionals or otherwise emphasize professional experience.

As such, you may find that some include a capstone requirement in place of a thesis. Depending on your goals—i.e. whether you’re professionally focused, or want to continue your education further—this might impact your preference of schools.

Organizational Leadership Degree Levels & Types

An organizational development degree could support many objectives and be found at several different levels. Programs may be available whether you’re new to graduate education or have some experience in that arena. A variety of degree types might also be offered, potentially giving you plenty of choices. Courses might discuss the psychology behind how people work together. Or they might examine conflict resolution and project management.

Here are some typical organizational leadership graduate programs.

Organizational Leadership Masters Degree Programs

Organizational Leadership Masters Programs – Notable degree types in masters in organizational leadership programs include a Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS) and Master of Business Administration (MBA). While programs vary by school, MBA programs tend to be more focused on business concepts. A MA or MS in Organizational Leadership might focus on other aspects of leadership, beyond business.

Organizational Leadership Doctoral Programs

Organizational Leadership Doctoral Programs – Doctorate in organizational leadership programs typically award either a PhD and DBA in Organizational Leadership. As with masters programs, DBA programs might focus more on being a leader in business contexts. However, some programs may offer alternate doctorate degree types, especially related to leadership roles within a specific field.

Organizational Leadership Graduate Certificate Programs

Organizational Leadership Graduate Certificate Programs – Potentially offered at both masters and post-masters levels, many organizational leadership graduate certificate programs focus on leading in specific contexts. This could include data and infrastructure management, nonprofit management, risk management, and a variety of other focal points. Certificate programs might be a great choice for those looking to learn about a specific topic, in a shorter period of time.

Remember, each program may vary from these descriptions, so make sure you follow up with any schools you might want to attend for more information.

What are the Costs Per Credit for a Graduate Degree Organizational Leadership?

UniversityDegree Name# of Credits RequiredCost Per CreditTuition Cost
Colorado State UniversityMaster of Science in Organizational Leadership36$500$18,000
Grand Canyon UniversityMaster of Science in Organizational Leadership & Entrepreneurship46$575$26,450
Regent UniversityMaster of Arts in Organizational Leadership33$650$21,450

Ways to Earn An Graduate Organizational Development Degree

Balancing your career with your education? Or do you prefer to focus 100% on your studies? Do you learn better in a classroom? Or prefer the comfort of your home? Either way, programs could be available in a format to fit your needs.

Organizational Leadership Program Formats

  • Organizational Leadership Campus Programs – Earn your degree with the support and resources of a graduate school campus! Some programs may offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your leadership on the job every day.
  • Organizational Leadership Online Programs – Need a more flexible solution to accommodate your busy schedule? Online organizational leadership programs may allow you to access your coursework from your own computer, when and where you need it.
  • Organizational Leadership Hybrid Programs – Partially online or blended organizational leadership graduate programs could be a great option if you want to combine the convenience of online education with the resources and stability of a local graduate school experience.

Top 17 Organizational Leadership Degree Programs in Seattle​

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