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To turn an idea into a product on a shelf, supply chain professionals engage in a number of activities, from design and production to marketing and distribution. Increasingly, supply chain professionals draw on business analytics to inform decisions, make plans, and solve problems. If you are interested in a possible career as a supply chain professional, you should look into a degree through supply chain management graduate programs.

The Logistics of Supply Chain Management Graduate Programs

Supply chain management graduate programs are designed around an interdisciplinary curriculum for understanding and using information. In logistics and supply chain management graduate programs, the coursework draws from the disciplines of computer science and business management. To earn a supply chain management degree, you can find a program that meets your schedule. You can select from supply chain management graduate programs with online, hybrid, or traditional class format and full-time and part-time schedules. Whatever the pace of your studies, you have many options. If you are interested in a masters or doctorate, you can browse supply chain management masters degree such as a Masters in Supply Chain Management or doctorate programs Doctorate in Logistics Management. There are also programs with graduate certificates such as Engineering in International Transportation Management and Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

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