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Operations management graduate schools could be your opportunity to take your career to the next level. Graduate school programs in operations management may include masters, doctorate, and graduate certificate programs. Earning your degree in operations management, you could hone important career skills by studying topics like data and business analytics, project management, logistics, financial analysis, and more. You could even pursue a degree specialization within operations management closely related to your career goals! And you might accomplish all of this with the support and resources of a convenient graduate school program.

What Are Operations Management Graduate Schools?

Graduate school operations management degree programs may aim to support careers in operations management through building strategic skill sets. As an operations management professional, you might be responsible for overseeing resources and processes to ensure your organization is successful. You may also be responsible for things like balancing cost and revenue, overseeing project teams, managing supply chain, performing data analysis, and more, depending on the needs of your organization and your experience.

In an operations management graduate school program, you could acquire knowledge to facilitate those responsibilities. Some of the topics you might study include business analysis, data analysis and infrastructure, financial analysis, project management, and supply chain management. You may also build leadership and personnel management skills. Plus, in a program anchored on a campus in your community, you could access the supportive resources your school may provide, like research assistance, career guidance, and academic support. Studying alongside other current and aspiring operations management professionals, you may even be able to make valuable connections at the same


Additionally, more specialized operations management graduate school programs may be available. These could be focused on a specialty more closely tailored to your preferred career path, or designed with certain industries in mind. You might also choose to earn a graduate operations research degree. Some potential specialty degree options include:

  • Supply Chain Management: These programs may focus on managing and utilizing inventory efficiently, from the acquisition of materials through the production of a product or service. You might learn about transportation and logistics, business analytics, finance and accounting, as well as other skills to support making sales, procurement, and inventory management.
  • Construction Management: These programs may aim to combine your experience in the construction industry with project management skills. As a construction manager, you could be responsible for overseeing a construction project team from planning stages to execution. As such, a graduate program may study things like legal issues in your industry, finance and accounting, leadership strategies, project methodologies, and more.
  • Contract Management: As a contract manager, you might be responsible for negotiating, writing, and executing proposals and contracts in your organization. A contract management graduate school program could support these responsibilities by studying contract negotiation, contract law, financial accounting, and more.
  • Quality Management – A graduate degree in quality management could help build necessary expertise to ensure the production of quality products in your organization. You may develop skills and strategies to make strategic, data-driven evaluations, improve processes and create strategies to improve the quality of your team’s work.

How to Choose Operations Management Graduate Schools

When choosing your operations management graduate schools, you may need to balance a variety of priorities, from your career goals to learning objectives to conflicting obligations and scheduling. To that end, it is important to identify the type of student a program is designed to accommodate.

Some operations management graduate school programs may be designed to accommodate busy professionals, with flexible scheduling and night classes, and curricula that utilize a student’s professional experience to support their learning.

However, other programs may have full time students in mind, or be designed primarily for new graduates with little to no professional experience who aim to earn their graduate degree immediately upon the culmination of their baccalaureate.

Make sure to identify your own learning preferences and needs, and follow up with the programs you’re considering for more details. This might help you decide which programs may support your education and career most effectively.

Operations Management Masters Degree Graduate Schools

In a graduate school masters degree program, you could develop important skills to support leadership positions. You could learn about managing teams of people, overseeing processes, and making crucial decisions to encourage your organization’s effectiveness. You may also develop analytical skills to assist you in making strategic, data-informed decisions. Graduate school operations management masters programs might offer one of several degree types, including earning your Operations Management MBA, a Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Science (MS).

Earn Your Operations Management Doctorate at a Graduate School

A doctorate in operations management could help you to demonstrate your expertise in your field. Earning your doctorate could support current or prospective leadership or c-suite positions, roles performing and analyzing operations management research, and even consulting. Some of the degree types you may pursue in a graduate school operations management doctoral program include your PhD, and DBA (Doctor of Business Administration).

Graduate School Operations Management Certificate Programs

Operations management graduate certificate schools could be a great option whether you’re new to graduate study or have already earned an advanced degree. Graduate certificate programs in operations management might be shorter than degree programs, potentially allowing you to complete your program more quickly. In a certificate program, you might pursue more focused study of a specific topic or skill. Graduate certificates may be offered at the masters or post-masters level.

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