Buffalo PhD or Master's Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Science

Nutrition and exercise science graduate programs may award masters and doctorate degrees, as well as graduate certificates at either level. They may also offer courses online or on campus to fit students with a variety of lifestyles and learning needs.

Exercise science and nutrition graduate programs explore the many ways diet and exercise impact health. A few different areas of study within each field may be available. For example, in nutrition graduate programs you could examine nutrition in a clinical context or discuss nutrition education strategies. You might also study the management of large scale nutrition programs or focus on food-related research and engineering.

Or, you could opt to pursue exercise science graduate programs, which focus on the relationship between physical activity and overall wellness. Here, you could study how to help people exercise safely and effectively. What unites these disparate topics is a commitment to keeping people healthy.

Exercise Science Graduate Programs

If maintaining your diet is one half of wellness, exercise is the other. Students in exercise science degree programs study the relationship between physical movement and people’s overall health. They may learn about how the human body works, conditioning techniques, and various injuries and their prevention.

Like nutrition graduate programs, exercise science programs may vary in their approach. Each could mirror a different way one might apply expertise in the field. Here are a few examples.

  • Community health exercise science degree programs focus on developing fitness programs within a community, such as for a specific populations or as public health initiatives.
  • Performance-focused exercise science degree programs may center on the tools and knowledge to help clients maximize their overall physical capability.
  • Clinical exercise science programs may look at the role of fitness programs in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, and residential care facilities.
  • Research-focused exercise science programs examine the use of data and research methodologies to better understand how exercise impacts the body, community health, and other relevant issues.

The above examples may not describe every exercise science graduate program offered. Different schools and programs may combine the above, or have unique options not listed here at all. For more information on the different kinds of programs offered, the facilities you might be able to train in, and other relevant details, reach out to the school in question.

Food Science Graduate Programs

Food science graduate programs center on the research and technology behind food in all it stages of production. In other words, unlike nutrition, they’re more interested in studying food in and of itself. Some food science programs, for example, could focus on agriculture. They might discuss the challenges and opportunities inherent in producing the raw materials we need to make food. Others might be more engineering-oriented, centering on the machinery used to produce food, the technology behind food packaging, and similar topics.

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