Ontario Graduate Nutrition Schools & Programs

Graduate nutrition schools and programs look at what it means to be healthy and how nutrition and food can support this goal. More than that, they aspire to help you help others get there. That means examining the nutritional needs of all different kinds of people. Courses may even discuss the various medical issues that could impact those needs.

On top of that, nutrition and food science programs look at nutrition education strategies. This may prepare students to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and habits. Some programs may look at helping individual clients with their nutrition. Others might take a broader perspective. For example, you could study how to help organizations provide healthy options to large groups. This could be in a medical settings, at schools, or through creating policy and public programs for the community at large. Or you might examine food safety and how to regulate it at companies or government agencies to support community health.

Types of Graduate Nutrition Schools Programs

Programs might offer graduate nutrition and food science degrees at a variety of levels. Each one may be appropriate for students with different experience and educational backgrounds. Nutritionist schools might also support a variety of goals. Therefore read program descriptions carefully to find a perfect graduate nutrition school for you.

Generally, degree types at food science schools fall into three basic categories.

  • Masters in Nutrition Schools: The most common type of nutrition masters offered may be a Master of Science (MS). However, some schools may also offer a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree. Some may be designed for experienced professionals looking to expand their nutrition expertise. Others may aim to support those new to the field.
  • Nutrition and Food Science Doctorate Schools: Many nutrition doctoral programs offer PhDs. But a
  • few other options may be available. This could include degrees like Doctor of Clinical Nutrition (DCN) or a Doctor of Science (ScD or DSc). Some programs may focus on helping people and organizations in the field. Others might aim to support research and academic roles.
  • Nutrition and Food Science Graduate Certificate Schools: Graduate certificate programs may be offered at the post-masters, masters, or doctorate level. This generally reflects the level of classes you might attend in your program. Graduate certificates in nutrition are non-degree credentials. They are often shorter in duration or course load than degree programs. However some programs might let you transfer credits toward a compatible nutrition graduate degree at a later time.

These and other programs may vary individually from the descriptions above. Some programs may also offer combined programs to earn multiple degree levels continuously. To learn more about your options, reach out to your selected programs for details.

What To Expect in Food Science and Graduate Nutrition Schools

Earning your nutrition or food science degree on campus could have some advantages for your education. At local graduate nutrition schools, you might study under professors with knowledge of your community. That means they might be able to speak to the unique needs of the people you would work with every day.

But that’s not the only reason to study on campus. You’d also have access to your school’s laboratory spaces. That means you could not only learn in the classroom, but also get hands-on experience. And if you need field experience, your school might be able to help you arrange it.

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