Iowa Nursing Informatics Graduate Programs (On-Campus)

Nursing Informatics Graduate Programs on Campus​ programs combine cognitive science, computer science, information science, and nursing science. Students typically learn the development, analysis, and evaluation of information systems improved by technologies that support, enhance and manage patient care. In order to be qualified for nursing informatics certification, earning a Nursing Informatics Graduate degree from an accredited graduate school is necessary. Furthermore, those currently working as Nurse Informatics Specialists may benefit from learning about new innovations in healthcare information technology. Either way, prospective students can search for masters or doctorate degrees as well as graduate certificates in Nursing Informatics.

Campus Nursing Informatics Graduate Programs Overview

Graduate Nursing Informatics Programs InformationOften Licensed Registered Nurses who already have their BSN and clinical experience are drawn to a Nursing Informatics Graduate Degree program, as it may prepare them for leadership or supervisory roles. Campus-based Nursing Informatics Graduate programs combine core and elective coursework, internship, and clinical rotations. While the length varies, it may take 2 years for a master’s degree or 1 year for completion of a graduate certificate.

Coursework in nursing informatics trains nurses to adapt technology to assist healthcare goals and standards. Nurses study database management, computer system analysis and software design. They learn to use technology to support clinical decisions, maintain the quality and security standards of patient records and manage government regulatory requirements.

To become eligible to take the ANCC certification test, RNs must hold a BSN and complete two years of nursing practice. Continuing education credits in nursing informatics must be earned. Nurses must also hold a graduate degree in informatics or have completed at

least 2,000 hours of practice as informatics nurses.

Potential Advantages to Nursing Informatics Graduate Programs on Campus

 If you enjoy interacting with classmates, professors, mentors and supervisors in real-time, a campus program is interactive and offers opportunity to network. Additionally, many Nursing Informatics Schools offer courses in the evenings and weekends to make it more convenient to further your education. Perks include onsite libraries and laboratories, social services and hands-on learning. If this sounds right for you, use the location settings on to find graduate programs in Nursing Informatics by city, state or country, as well as by program level.

Types of Nursing Informatics Graduate Degrees

An informatics nursing graduate degree can be earned through a specialized master's or doctoral program, and graduate certificates are available for those seeking advanced credentials. Look through our on-site directory to find listings such as a Master of Science in Nursing-Nurse Informatics, Health Informatics Graduate Certificate, or PhD in Nursing Informatics programs.

Is a Nursing Informatics Graduate Degree Right For You?

If you are currently an RN, have your license and want a more administrative role, earning a graduate degree in Nursing informatics may pave the way for a potentially rewarding career in a fast-growing field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2024, an additional 56,300 jobs are anticipated for medical and health services mangers. Part of this growth will be attributed to extensive use of electronic health records (EHRs), which will create demand for managers with knowledge of health information technology (IT) and informatics systems.[i]

Why not prepare yourself to meet this trend by earning your graduate degree in Nursing Informatics? Find a program and graduate school that aligns with your interests or geographical preference on today!

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  • Earn a dual MBA/M.S.N. or M.S.N from GCU. 
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