Georgia PhD, Doctorate or Master's in Nursing Education Graduate Programs

Nursing Education Graduate programs prepare nurses to teach a new generation of nurses in a variety of potential settings. Students pursing Nursing Education Graduate Degrees learn about teaching techniques and supervising nursing students in a clinical environment. Nurse educators are unique in that they are both registered nurses and teachers—often serving as faculty members in nursing schools and teaching hospitals.

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Nursing Education Graduate Programs Overview

Typically, those who enroll in Nursing Education Grad programs are Registered nurses (RNs) who possess a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), have a current RN license, and wish to move into nursing education. Nurse educators may teach general nursing courses or focus on a specialization such as pediatric or geriatric nursing, especially if they have spent their nursing career developing expertise in one area.

Continuing education opportunities for graduates of nursing education master’s degree programs might take the form of doctorate programs in a similar field of study, such as education administration or other postsecondary teaching opportunities. Additionally, graduates may seek further professional certification through the National League for Nursing (NLN) and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

What Do You Learn in a Nursing Education Graduate Program?

Coursework in Masters in Nursing Education graduate program may vary depending on the nursing school. Students typically study how to design a student-learning environment, plan curriculums, evaluation methods, teaching theories and leadership skills in nursing education.

What Types Of Nursing Education Graduate Programs are there?

Students can choose to earn a Nursing Education Graduate degree at graduate school, or look into online formats. A great way to look for graduate nursing schools that offer these degrees is to initiate a location search on This way, you can find programs by state, city, or country. You can refine this search by choosing your program level:

Nursing Education Graduate Certificates, such as Post-Master’s Certificate: Nursing Education, or Nurse Educator Graduate Certificates build up a nurses credentials, and may help you prepare for certification, or give a current career a boost of new knowledge and competencies.

Nursing Education Masters Programs, such as Master of Science in Pain Research, Education and Policy or Master of Science in Nursing –Nurse Educator/Nursing Education degrees are often designed to complement a nurse’s clinical experience with skills in teaching and a broader understanding of contemporary issues in the field.

Nursing Education Doctorate Programs, such as Doctor of Education (EdD) – Nursing Education or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) are designed for nursing students who aspire to teach at post-collegiate level or conduct advanced research.

Professional Insight on Nursing Education Graduate Programs

“A Master’s in Nursing Education brings you to a higher level of critical thinking. This comes as you learn to synthesize nursing, education, and related theories, integrate evidence-based research, and grow to embrace the more advanced role of the nurse educator. I love nursing and teaching. What better way to fulfill both of those loves than to pursue Nursing Education.”

-Barbara Moloney, DNP, RNAssociate Director, Master’s Nursing Program for Endicott College’s Van Loan School

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Are You Ready to Search for Nursing Education Graduate Programs?

If you are ready to share your wisdom with other nurses, nursing educators demonstrate and teach patient care in classroom and clinical settings. Some teach full time, while others combine teaching and research. If this sounds rewarding, review nursing schools with Nursing Education Graduate Programs on to find one that resonates with your goals!


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