PhD, Doctorate or Master's in Nursing Education Graduate Programs Online

Online Nursing Education Graduate Programs offer nurses a convenient way to pursue the role of nurse educator.  Nurse educators typically teach at nursing schools, community colleges and technical schools—although some may work in healthcare environments as staff development officers or clinical supervisors. Some of the daily responsibilities of nurse educators may include: prepping for classes; giving lectures; grading papers; attending faculty meetings; keeping current with advances in the field; and advising or mentoring other nursing students. Online Nurse education degrees may be ideal if you are a busy nurse, looking to earn a graduate degree on your own schedule, while still having time for family, friends and career. 

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Why Choose An Online Nursing Education Graduate Program?

Online Nursing Education Graduate Programs are becoming more popular as nursing schools add distance-learning formats for students who live too far geographically or are busy working and need a more accessible way to earn their degree. The two different online formats students might encounter in Nursing Education grad degree programs are asynchronous, which allows students to participate in their courses at their own convenience, and synchronous, which might take the form of live streaming seminars. If you work well independently, have a computer and reliable Internet, an online program may be a great idea for you. And, you will still be able to interact with your online classmates by using advanced forums and participating in group projects.

Do I Need A Nursing Education Graduate Degree to Teach Nursing?

If you wish to teach nursing at the college level, you are required to have a minimum of a master’s degree. Online Nursing Education Graduate degree programs are intended for Registered nurses (RNs) who possess a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), have a

current RN license, and wish to move into nursing education. This being said, Nurses with an MSN might choose to go back to university for an online Nursing Education Graduate Certificate in order to update their credentials and competencies. Online Doctorate in Nursing Education programs offer an EdD or DNP designations are also potential academic paths, and might lead to advanced research or post-secondary teaching positions.

How do I Find Online Nursing Education Graduate Programs?

Searching for Online Nursing Education graduate degree programs is easy using the directory. You can choose to search for Online Nursing Education Graduate Certificates, such as Post-master’s Certificate: Nursing Education, Online Masters such as Master of Science in Nursing – Nursing Education, or Online doctorates such as Doctor of Education-Nursing Education.

Are You Ready to Search for an Online Nursing Education Graduate Program?

Employment of Nursing instructors and teachers, postsecondary level is projected to grow by 19% between 2014 and 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many nurse educators specialize in the area they have spent developing their nursing career around, such as pediatrics or clinical care. If you are interested in combining your passion for teaching with your expertise in nursing, now may be a perfect time to look into Online Nursing Education Graduate Programs on


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