Hybrid Nurse Education Graduate Programs & Graduate Schools

If you haven’t already considered pursuing a hybrid nurse educator grad program, it may be time to! Hybrid programs combine the perks and flexibiltiy of an online college experience with a low residency participation in local graduate college classes in nurse education.  That means you can study where and when you want; interact on a personal level with classmates; and take advantage of the library, gyms or other facilities on campus.  

Is it your dream to teach nursing students? If so, enrolling in a graduate-level hybrid nurse education degree program could help you in your pursuit of this career path. Nurse educators typically teach at nursing schools, community colleges and technical schools—although some may work in healthcare environments as staff development officers or clinical supervisors. Some of the daily responsibilities of nurse educators may include: prepping for classes; giving lectures; grading papers; attending faculty meetings; keeping current with advances in the field; and advising students. Learn more about hybrid online/campus nurse educator grad programs today!

Filter your search by location to determine where Hybrid Nurse Educator Programs are offered, or search by degree for Hybrid Masters, Doctorate or Certificate programs. The type of degree program you choose will really depend on your background and career goals, for example, you can earn a Hybrid Master of Science in Nursing. Finding the right program on GradSchools.com is simple, so start looking into one now!

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